Who doesn’t love vintage stuff? Whether it’s a classic vinyl, vintage clothing, or antique furniture, having vintage items will not only brighten up your room or make you look more edgy when it comes to your clothing, but they will also give you a newfound respect for the things of yore. Although vintage and antique stores aren’t that many in the capital, if you look close enough you can still find a thing or two that’s both authentic and vintage. Here, we have rounded up three places in which you can find delightful vintage stuff in and around Jakarta.

Pasar Santa

Located in South Jakarta, Pasar Santa houses around a thousand kiosks over five storeys and has gained momentum as a place for youngsters to come and enjoy myriad culinary offers. However, Pasar Santa also offers many types of antiques, the most famous being vinyl records. Located on the second floor, Laidback Blues Record Store is known to sell blues albums among others like pop, jazz, classical, and reggae. If you are looking for vintage clothing, then head over to the first floor where stores like Cheap Thrills and Nostalgeeks, and the Club offer vintage clothing ranging from T-shirts to toys, used books, and other memorabilia.

Jalan Surabaya


Photo: Photo courtesy of Discoveryourindonesia

Jakarta’s haven for antiques can be found on none other than Jalan Surabaya in the Menteng area of Central Jakarta. The long road, which was first established in the 70s, showcases a variety of stalls with products ranging from Dutch ceramics, Javanese puppets and silverware to ancient typewriters and telephones. They even sell gorgeous chandeliers and ancient artefacts. But, of course, do be careful and come prepared with a knack for knowing the originals from the fake ones!


ciputat money id.jpg

Photo: Photo courtesy of Money.id

Last, but not least, those who love everything antique and vintage should definitely head to Ir. H. Juanda Street in the Ciputat area. Visitors will be amazed by the myriad things they sell in this area, ranging from daybeds, lamps and furniture to paintings and even handmade ornaments! Take a day to explore the area and make sure to wear comfortable attire because you will be there for hours.

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