When you’re stuck at home or in a café on a rainy day, you’re bound to feel the need to unwind for the day. In times like these, it’s always a great idea to pick up a book, but if your attention span isn’t too long it might be hard to stick to thicker classics. So why not opt for a lighter read that is both deep in meaning and light enough that it’s graced with stunning illustrations? If you don’t know where to start looking for that one dainty book to sip your afternoon coffee with, here are six light illustrated books fit for a rainy day.

Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories, Rain Chudori


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No stranger to the publishing world, Rain has come from a long line of writers. Not only does she write books and travel the world, she also founded The Murmur House, a literary journal that publishes both print and online content. If you’re especially in tune with your emotions on a rainy day but would like to be even more so, pick yourself up a Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories.

Things & Thoughts I Drew When I Was Bored, Naela Ali

Whether you’re bored on your ride home from work or you’re looking for some drawing inspiration, Naela Ali’s Things & Thoughts I Drew When I Was Bored could be just what you need. Her recent publication is complete with things you need to hear on a sad day to minimalistic paintings that will make you want to pick up your long-forgotten paintbrush.

Journal of Gratitude, Sarah Amijo

Known as the brains behind Big Bear and Bird, this year illustrator Sarah Amijo has finally released a book for all entitled Journal of Gratitude. Although she is known for her captivating artworks, this book is not short of words of wisdom. There’s no harm in getting a reminder to be grateful of life once in a while, is there?

 The Book of Forbidden Feelings, Lala Bohang

Lala Bohang’s The Book of Forbidden Feelings is the perfect hybrid between Rain’s writings and Naela Ali’s artistry. Slightly more sombre than Naela Ali’s work, this book is also for those who would like to get in tune with their feelings, maybe even their pathos. Though her poetry might take a while to decipher, it’s all part of the experience. After all there’s nothing better than interpreting someone’s writings and moulding it into your own.

 What I Wish I Had Known (And Other Lessons You Learned in Your 20s), Marcella Purnama

“I will dream a new dream, a dream that’s totally my own, and I will work hard to get it.”

Insanely relatable, What I Wish I Had Known is a beautifully illustrated autobiography of Marcella Purnama that has been turned into a carefully curated list of lessons any 20-year-old can learn from. Telling tales of broken dreams and first loves, Marcella Purnama tackles her bittersweet life as an “emerging adult”. Whether you’re in your 20s or you’ve gone past that mark, this book is a light read anyone can savour.  

Non-Spesifik, Gratiagusti Chananya Rompas

Published in mid-2017, Non-Spesifik is not only meant for poetry enthusiasts, it is also dedicated to mental illness. The author, who goes by the nickname of Anya Rompas, is known for her poetry on “taboo” topics. Similar to the content of the book, the minimalistic artwork that accompanies her writings says a lot about the topic without revealing too much. Having been diagnosed with bipolar herself, one can only assume she was affected by this condition that allows one to experience the happiest of joys and the most devastating of sorrows.

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