In the era of Instagram, we are always on the lookout for beautiful content. whether it’s a picturesque location, fashion style inspirations or yummy food galore. And now it’s time for amazing illustrations!

Whether it’s a cartoon, animals, landscape or simply artistic abstract style, there are no better ways to brighten our feeds than by feasting our eyes on amazing illustrations. Here, we have picked seven of our favourite Indonesian illustrators that you need to follow on Instagram. You’re welcome!

Diela Maharanie

Diela Maharanie made Indonesia proud when her creation got featured by Instagram with one of its “Kind Comment” stickers. The heart-shaped sticker is multi-coloured and just a tad bit melancholy—a perfect way to describe Diela’s work. The Jakarta-based illustrator is known for her vibrant patterns and super-saturated hues combined with unique elements. This year Diela participated in “afrdbl” Art Fair Jakarta and Instax Indonesia at Dia.Lo.Gue.

Ykha Amelz

Jakarta-Born Yfana Khadija Amelz, commonly known as Ykha Amelz, is a musician and illustrator who fell in love with drawings during her college time in Bandung. Opting to draw with pencil on paper (perhaps because her father worked in a publishing company), Ykha has worked for numerous huge brands like Heineken and Martha Tilaar and has several illustration books under her belt. However, perhaps Ykha’s favourite illustration is of her French bulldog and muse, Babbot, whom she has with her musician husband, Hendra Jaya Putra.

Muhammad Taufiq (Emte)

With more than 16 years of being illustrator under his belt, Muhammad Taufiq, more commonly known as Emte, is a name most of you must be familiar with. Known for his water colour illustration, Emte has a wide-ranging portfolio covering everything from a cover book illustration for Sophie Kinsella’s The Undomestic Goddess to M. Aan Mansyur’s poetry book and Grab Indonesia’s car at Brightspot market this year. The graduate of IKJ also likes to participate in art exhibitions and even provides art workshops.  

Rachel Ajeng Putri

The 1994-born illustrator Rachel Ajeng Putri started her illustration business during college time at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) by designing invitation cards for her friends. Nowadays, Rachel is busy with different kinds of illustration on handbags, bookmarks and even handmade shoes with other countless projects.

Muchlis Fachri

Muchlis Fachri has always been a rebel at heart. Joining his first group exhibition wat Galeri Cipta II in Jakarta, Fachri likes to experiment with different kind of media like painting, woodcut, street art, digital, animation, and performance art. However, now he is focusing more on illustrating a variety of merchandise whether it’s on shoes, totebags or even skateboards, implementing lowbrow and surrealist elements combined with bright colours on his artworks.

Mikhaela Cherry Virginia Chanda

A mural artist and illustrator, Mikhaela Cherry Virginia Chanda was born in Jakarta and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Marketing in Shanghai before pursuing a career as a visual artist in London. Now, Mikhaela resides in Bali and does illustration for numerous projects for clothing brand along with exhibiting her mural work at various of exhibitions, a recent one being Artotel Week 2017.

Dita W. Yolashasanti

A food photographer, stylist and illustrator, Dita W. Yolashasanti is perhaps one of the most popular name in the art world. Well-known for her watercolour work, Dita was introduced to the art world way early by her photographer father and since then she has made numerous illustrations on children’s clothes, toys and home decorations. With more than 74K followers on Instagram, the wife of artist Wahyu "Pinot" Ichwandardi often uploads her work on Instagram, which features myriad bright and cheerful designs and patterns. Her latest project sees collaboration with local hijab fashion line where she illustrates delicate patterns on the headscarves.

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