June sees Jakarta celebrate its 489th birthday with the 50th Jakarta Fair. The sixth month of the year also boasts a wide range of programmes like the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra concert, an exhibition of Andrea Palladio’s architectural works, and the 2nd Indonesia Terracotta Biennale.

June IV

Erasmus Huis Jakarta is hosting “Unfinished Business” by Dutch painter Rob Renoult from today until July 15th. The exhibition will combine various elements of the Indonesian imagery with the image of Western Art.

Institut Français Indonesia is hosting “Life and Nothing But” movie screening special Ramadan on June 22nd.

Meanwhile, Por Que No is screening Tim Burton’s Big Fish on June 26 with free-flow popcorn!

Artotel Thamrin is still hosting emerging artist Muklay’s exhibition “See Something Strange” until July 10th. The exhibition can be found at the hotel’s Mezzanine Level.

Plaza Indonesia’s pop-up fever is still on! From June 27 to July 9, parents can bring their little ones to experience arts and crafts and fun game activities at ‘Pop Up Day-care’, where the mall has teamed up with Ruman Main Cikal to provide a fun and safe environment for your kids during the Lebaran holiday.

See you next week and don't forget to check out June's top events below!

June III

Dia.Lo.Gue is presenting a visual art exhibition by artist T.Sutanto on June 14 where it will showcase the artist’s silkscreen prints (serigraphy) works. Other than exploring decorative elements in his prints, Sutanto also adopted forms or figures from Indonesian folk tales and popular icons. The exhibition will run until July 14.

Meanwhile, on June 17th, Salihara’s Helatari will stage ‘From Starting to Cut the Wood’: a dance based on the sounds created by a mask-maker carving his mask out of wood. Choreographer Katie Engel is set to create performance that involved installations, videos, photographs, and documentary films.

The Embassy of India is hosting another yoga event in conjunction with celebrating the third International Day of Yoga on June 17th. Held at Taman Menteng, the event will start at 6am until 9am and will be guided by Indian Yoga master and Indonesian Yoga teacher.

Kinosaurus is hosting a garage sale featuring unmasked poetry open mic on June 18 at Kinosaurus Kemang Ak.Sa.Ra Coutryard. All proceeds will be used to fund the Feminist Festival 2017.

Hause Rooftop is hosting a movie screening The Pursuit of Happyness at its rooftop venue on June 19th. Timing: 7-9pm. Remember, there will be a free flow of popcorn.

Nightlife Updates: The Safehouse Jakarta returns with ‘Citizen Sane’ party on June 17th with Jonathan Kusuma and Ridwan; Fat Shogun is hosting a live music performance by South East and Experiment on June 16th; Lola Jakarta is hosting ‘Don’t Tell Lola’ on June 19th with the company of DJ Kenzo, DJ Nox and DJ Barry.

June II

Emerging artist Muklay is hosting an exhibition “See Something Strange” starting from June 10th to July 10th at Artotel Thamrin’s Mezzanine Level. For more information, click here.

Erasmus Huis is staging a mural painting 'In the footsteps of Erasmus' by Jeroen Hermkens on June 11th. Held at the Dutch cultural centre, the exhibition will tells Erasmus' life story by depicting the cities that have been crucial for his work. For more information, click here.

CuratorsLAB teamed up with Goethe-Institut and is holding a unique exhibition titled “Mutual Unknown” which will run until June 17th. Held at Galeri Nasional, the exhibition will allow visitors to watch the artists in action while they work on their crafts along with providing daily discussion for the visitors to get to know the artworks and artists better. For more information, click here.

Kinosaurus is hosting a numerous movie screenings this weekend: Shorts from Sweden and Norway (June 9 and 11), The 400 Blows (June 10) and Jules & Jim (June 11). For more information, click here.

Salihara’s Helatari will present Vertical Recall: a performance inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot on June 10th. The performance will feature four dancers and one musician choreographed by Melati Suryodarmo. For more information, click here.

Meanwhile, the next day on June 11th, Helatari will also stage “Tari Ghulur”, another dance performance inspired by the traditional Topeng Ghulur dance from the village in Madura. The dance performance will see a lot of tumbling, rolling, jumping, crawling, and other movements done without using their feet for support. For more information, click here.

forest picture.jpg                                                        Photo: Photo Courtesy of Pexels

On June 1, The Antheus Indonesia Organization, supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, is holding the 21st Environment and Forestry Week, a four-day event to boost awareness about the environment and tropical rain forests. The public programme at the Jakarta Convention Center will feature a string of seminars, workshops, and exhibitions and talk shows.

culoe de song.jpg

                                                Photo: Photo Courtesy of Culolethu Zulu

On June 2, Culolethu Zulu, more known commonly by his stage name Culoe De Song, is set to elevate your nightlife experience at Jenja Club, the elegant lifestyle venue, and promises to pamper the discerning cosmopolitan, traveller and music lover in Bali. Born August 20, 1990, in Eshowe, Kwazulu Natal in Africa, the producer, re-mixer and DJ assures unforgettable post-midnight revelry.

jffireworks.jpg                                                        Photo: Photo Courtesy of Jakarta Fair

The biggest, the longest and the most complete annual trade fair in Jakarta is back at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran from June 10th until July 16th. The 50th Jakarta Fair held to highlight the anniversary of Jakarta will feature more than 2,500 booths and pavilions with more than 500 live events. Tickets: Rp30,000; opens: 3:30pm-10pm. 

Rotterdams Philharmonic.jpg

                                      Photo: Photo Courtesy of Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

On June 13, Taman Ismail Marzuki art centre is set to host a special concert by The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. The first concert in modern-day Indonesia by a high-calibre European orchestra will feature Beethoven’s Overture Coriolan and Brahms’ Violin Concerto with an interval of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5. Conductor: Antony Hermus; violin: Rosanne Philippens.

terracota biennale.jpg                                                  Photo: Photo Courtesy of Terracotta Biennale

Galeri Nasional will stage a month-long exposition of creative artworks in terracotta from June 15th. The biennale to connect the past, present and future will be held at Hall B and Hall D, except Saturdays and Sundays, from 9am to 4pm; admission: free.

salihara helatari.jpg                                                       Photo: Photo Courtesy of Salihara

Salihara Gallery in South Jakarta will stage Helatari 2017 from June 10th to 18th featuring a myriad of art performances. Recommended is “Angkot the Melting Pot”, a contemporary dance composition by Yola Yulfanto on June 18th. The choreographer is inspired by her daily experiences while riding angkot, the Jakarta public transport in which the seats are cramped and passengers have to draw their knees tight.

SC_8.jpg                                                   Photo: Photo Courtesy of Green School Bali 

On June 19, the world’s number one education and leadership camp will be hosted at the Green School Bali for the fifth year. A partnership involving SuperCamp, Quantum Learning System and Green School & Green Camp, the academic and life skills enrichment camp that started in 1982 will assemble youngsters from 11 to 13 at the Junior Forum, while those aged from 14 to 17 will gather at the Senior Forum.


                                                                Photo: Photo Courtesy of Giovanni Giaconi

Several images of the Villas of Palladio will be on view until June 30 at the Instituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta. The Renaissance architect and builder Andrea Palladio is arguably the most influential architect in Western history. Italian water-colourist Giovanni Giaconi has devoted his talents to creating exquisite large-format pen-and-ink watercolour renderings of all 10 of Palladio’s villas. Opens: 9:30am to 5pm; admission: free.


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