ART STAGE Singapore 2018, held at Marina Bay Sands, Expo & Convention Centre from 26 January to 28 January, presents innovations in art and creativity to keep abreast with the developments in the industry. This year, Art Stage Singapore will showcase three special exhibitions. The first is a collaboration with The Tiroche DeLeon collection, the second a special showcase by Honorary Invited Artist Fernando Botero and last is, a special showcase of the works by the late American artist, Alexander Calder.

 1. The Tiroche DeLeon Collection

Death by Pramuhendra

Photo: Courtesy of Art Stage Singapore 2018

This is the first collaboration between ART STAGE Singapore and the internationally recognised private collection and art fund, The Tiroche DeLeon Collection. The Tiroche DeLeon Collection was conceptualised by its founder, art collector Serge Tiroche. Artworks in the collection have been displayed at prominent museums, exhibitions, biennales, and art fairs, including at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) which showcased Rodel Tapaya’s most iconic works Cane of Kabunian and N umbered B ut C annot B e C ounted. These works won the triennial Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize 2011 and launched Tapaya to international recognition. The Tiroche DeLeon Collection will also exhibit works by artists from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and China.

 2.  Calder on Paper

Segmented Spiral by Calder

Photo: Courtesy of Art Stage Singapore 2018

The Omer Tiroche Gallery in London will present the "Calder on Paper", a gouache on paper collection by American artist Alexander Calder, who us celebrated for his delicately balanced systems of discs and wires put to movement by air, aka ‘mobiles’. Calder continues to develop his own visual language through his work with gouache that features a mix between geometric forms with more earthly subjects. The collection on display is part of the private collection of Micky Tiroche, the father of the gallerist, Omer Tiroche. Art Stage Singapore 2018 will show two mobiles from Calder, Stabile (1968) and The Red Crescent (1969).

 3.   Fernando Botero Exhibition (Honorary Invited Artist)

Carnival by Fernando Botero

Photo: Courtesy of Art Stage Singapore 2018

Fernando Botero is the honorary artist invited by Art Stage Singapore 2018. He is a Colombian figurative artist and sculptor who has received acclaim as one of the world’s most prolific artists with a consistent style and a deep exploration of volume and colour. With more than a 50 year career span, Botero has experimented with various media and his artworks can be found in exhibitions across the world. For ART STAGE Singapore 2018, Botero’s son, Fernando Botero Jr., will give a talk on the life and art of the senior Botero. A 3.57m bronze sculpture by Botero will also be on display at the fair to commemorate the late Mr. George Wong, an avid art collector who passed away recently.

These 3 collections are among the other amazing art collections in this year ART STAGE 2018 Singapore, with artists from all over the world that will provide  different perspectives and experiences to your mind. Make sure that you don't miss out on this year ART STAGE Singapore, and get the full information on the event and ticketing right here.

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