The journey alluded to in the title of this exhibition refers to both Jang’s growth as an artist and his travels across the globe. Jang’s artistic journey began at a very young age. He picked up the paintbrush when he was just 10 years old. Today, Jang’s works have drawn comparisons to those of the great Van Gogh. While Jang admires the late artist greatly, it was never his intention to emulate Van Gogh. Jang varies his techniques and pushes the boundaries of the medium to get to where he is today. His now signature impressionist works in multiple media—oil, watercolour, acrylic and even crayon—have become a favourite among collectors around the world.

Jang Jang Joe (middle) mingling with guests at the opening night.

Jang has travelled to various locations in Australia, the US, Africa, and across the island of Java. Many of these locations have become the inspiration for Jang’s paintings. He is able to find inspiration no matter where he is at: from the breathtaking Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and the surreal peaks of Huang Shan in China, to the most mundane spot on a packed flyover during bumper-to-bumper traffic.


Sabung Ayam - Oil on Canvas, 2014


Sardines - Crayon on Cardboard, 2010


Impression of Dad - Oil on Canvas, 2014


Yta Gultom - Oil on Canvas, 2016


Self Portrait - Oil on Canvas, 2012


Ngarai Sianok - Oil on Canvas, 2015


Snow on Burnt Forest - Oil on Canvas, 2009


Fireworks over Angke - Oil on Canvas, 2013


Organised by Kuvera Fine Arts, an auction to raise funds for the humanitarian programs of Lions Club Jakarta Selatan Metteyya will be happening alongside the exhibition. On the opening night, invited VIPs got to be the first to bid on Jang’s works. All proceeds from the auction will go towards the Lions Club’s charitable causes.

Held at the exquisite Tugu Kunstkring Paleis, VIPs at the opening night got to enjoy a sumptuous buffet. Kunstkring’s unique menu of Indonesian and Dutch dishes took guests on a gastronomical journey of classic flavours with a twist.

The exhibition runs until October 12 at the art gallery of Tugu Kunstkring Paleis.

(Images courtesy of Kuvera Fine Art)

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