We can hardly move on from Jakarta’s Art Stage a couple of months ago, but now we have some exciting news, because Art Stage Singapore is coming up soon in January next year, from 25-28 January 2018 to be exact. So mark it on your event calendar, and book your flight ticket now!


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The art world is still abuzz after ART STAGE Jakarta 2017 a couple of months ago, but now we have some exciting news: ART STAGE Singapore is coming up soon in January next year, from January 25-28. So, mark it on your events calendar and book your flight ticket now! ART STAGE has long been a key platform for Southeast Asian artist to showcase their art to the global environment and the fair is an important place to drive interest in, and better understanding of, the Asian art scene.

 At the upcoming ART STAGE Singapore 2018, ART STAGE remains with its commitment to focus on Southeast Asian Art and on the Asian identity. In the past, ART STAGE has raised the prominence of art in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Most notable were the successful ART STAGE Jakarta editions in 2016 and 2017. Meanwhile, for the 8th edition, ART STAGE Singapore will feature the art scene from another vibrant southeast Asian country, which is Thailand.

 Beyond anything, ART STAGE Singapore is creating a more intimate approach to art through the fair. Unique programmes are created to provide audiences with a more diverse perspective of the art world. ART STAGE Singapore will use the idea of interactions as the groundwork of ART STAGE 2018. It is an idea to strengthen efforts in listening and sharing when it comes to art.

 Interactions Number 1: Southeast Asia Forum 2018

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ART STAGE Singapore 2018 is delighted to present the highly anticipated Southeast Asia Forum for the third time. The forum will talk about inter-related disciplinary practices in art and design. It will also talk about the impact of rapid development in Asia that has helped facilitate new practises. The forum will include exhibitions as well as lectures that give thorough discussions and perspectives on social, cultural, economic and political issues that have an impact on Southeast Asia. The forum will also use a more comprehensive approach on art discussion by different methods such as seeing, learning, and interacting. It tries to promote more engagement between key industry leaders and individuals from the design sector. The forum will span over three days, including a series of six different talk sessions such as dialogues, panel discussions with local and international keynote speakers, and a two-part thematic exhibition.


 Interaction 2: Signature Collectors’ Visits

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The signature collectors’ visits display the collections of the country’s collectors in their private residences and highlight the importance of art collector in developing a better local art scene. As the same initiative in ART STAGE Jakarta 2016 and 2017 proved to be so successful, the fair will introduce the signature collectors’ visits for the first time in ART STAGE Singapore 2018.

 Singaporean collectors will open up their homes and showcase their huge private collections to support the fair’s initiative. It will be a platform to connect collectors with public as well, and encourage conversation and exchange of perspectives between local collectors and visitors on the topic of contemporary art in Singapore.

 Interactions 3: Partnerships and Collaborations

Photo Courtesy : Art Stage Singapore

ART STAGE Singapore is also attempting to reach collaboration between different markets and build a more diverse network among various industries. For the 8th edition of ART STAGE, it will continue to connect with many international and local partners as well as various creative industries to increase networking chances for everyone from collectors to audiences.

 ART STAGE Singapore continues to increase exchange and conversation about contemporary art in different regions of the world. The fair will continue to build a culture of art curiosity and grow the interest in Southeast Asia’s contemporary art. For more information, you can visit www.artstage.com.

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