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Photo Courtesy of Festival International de la Photography Culinaire

The connection between amazing food and photography has become synonymous with many people’s daily activities. Seeing someone take one or two pictures of their food before they eat is a normal and sometimes annoying occurrence. However, if you look at food as art that needs to be shared and not only eaten, then the Festival International de la Photography Culinaire is for you.

Since starting back in 2009, the French festival has been at the forefront of showcasing different aspects of food, photographers, and collectors, creating a meeting place for likeminded people. Each edition of the festival highlights the work of professional photographers from around the world, each one showing the diversity of food-related art out in the world today through the creativity of the lens.

During this, the eighth edition of the festival, people will be able to see work from more than 40 photographers from around the world during the “Haute Couture” collection. Each photographer has been asked to supply three photos that explore the relationship between photography and food, and show the seasonal changes and influences which occur.

The festival started in November and will continue way into March 2018 while moving from town to town across France.

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