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If you’re looking for a new job this new year, you need a new set of hard skills to match, and there’s no time to waste. According to the LinkedIn Learning Blog report, there are several job skills that will see a surge in demand in 2019, and if you can master them and combine them with good soft skills, finding job might get a lot easier.


UX design

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One of the most high-demand hard skills in 2019 is UX (user experience) design. UX design is the process of making a website or app look as good as possible with a user-friendly interface to acquire and integrate products. A UX designer is also responsible for aspects of branding, design, and functionality to provide the best user experience.


SEO/SEM specialist

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Digital marketing is one of the hottest jobs these days. The main objective for any company is to promote its goods and services by using technology, whether it’s on the Internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and all the others. By having a good insight into SEO and SEM skills, a digital marketer should also be able to create content marketing, social media marketing, and, of course, develop solid, well-planned digital marketing strategies.


Statistical analysis

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Statistical analysis involves collecting and interpreting quantitative data to create samples to solve problems. These type of works are in high demand in the research industry and government-related work.


Web developer

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In this high-tech era, almost every company needs a website or app to reach its customers. And if you have the development skills to create and manage a beautiful website or app, it’s guaranteed your skills will be needed.


Cloud computing

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As more and more companies depend on the Cloud, professions like platform engineer or cloud architect will be sought after by many companies to help deliver computing services over the Internet to offer faster and flexible resources and help cut operational costs.


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