In this era of advanced technology, luxury buyers still find themselves at a crossroad when it comes to purchasing authentic premium goods online. With the risk of getting ripped off and validation authority, purchasing luxury goods from a website has long been problematic... Until now, that is.

Last week, a Singapore-based luxury curator that offers high-end goods, travel and premium concierge services, officially marked its Indonesian debut at Cloud Lounge in Plaza Office Tower, Jakarta.

Founded by Andy Roberts and Sophie Gorecki, first developed in 2013, is an online luxury curator with a portfolio that includes bespoke travel experiences, authentic luxury goods (more than 30 premium merchants) through an online marketplace along with the latest luxury news and insights.

The mélange of products and services offered on the website is enough to boost Roberts and Gorecki’s confidence that, launched with a beta site earlier this year, will thrive in Indonesia, stating that the country will be the largest consumer of premium goods and services over the next decade.

“There is now a greater supply of private wealth in Asia than anywhere else around the globe. Many luxury brands are developing pivot strategies to align themselves more closely with Asian partners – we’re here to make that job easier,” said Andy who also emphasized the Indonesia’s GDP growth has grown at an average of 5.3 per cent since 2000 and the currency has stabilised strongly.

In addition to having heaps of high-net-worth individuals, Indonesia also boasts one of the highest rates of social media adoption, being home to some 79 million social media users. With these facts, it’s not surprising that Maxuri chosen to expand its business in Indonesia: our thirst for social media, visible through the increasing rate of online luxury shopping through apps like Instagram, has paved the way to new tech-savvy purchasing behaviours, ideal for the individual who wants to acquire a yacht at the click of a button.

(Photo credit: Maxuri) 

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