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Etiquette 5 Ways to Digital Detox to Save Your Soul January 2, 2017

This coming new year, try digital detox for the soul!

Etiquette 6 Tips Finding Your New Love in the New Year November 20, 2016

Relationship expert Claire Sweetingham of elite matchmaker Gray & Farrar has tips for finding your soulmate in this new year's eve. Read on...

Etiquette Amal Clooney Launches Scholarship with 100 Lives December 20, 2015

The world is abuzz with the latest news from Amal Clooney today as she stays true to her roots and keeps up her work with the Armenian nation, this time working closely with the 100 Lives project from the largely unknown country to bring young Lebanese women to the United World College in Dilijan, Armenia.

Etiquette Is Classical Music Really Dying and Social Media Its Murderer? November 9, 2015

Let's admit it. Just Google "classical music is" and Google will automatically continue with "dead" or "dying". Do it in any computer all around the world (as yours truly had done it) and those words appear before "the best", "cool", "boring" or other words.

Etiquette Nature Girl October 7, 2015

Model turned yoga master and the founder of Strala Yoga in New York, the vivacious and chirpy Tara Stiles spared some time to talk to Maina A. Harjani about her resolution of healing people through the practice of yoga 

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