Photo Courtesy of  Koenigsegg

During this year’s International Geneva Motor Show, lucky observers and guests could feast their eyes upon the boutique Swedish hyper-car firm Koenigsegg’s new Agera RS Gryphon. A car that was created from the ideas of luxury and decadence right down to its 24ct gold leaf exterior finish.

 The precious metal, which has been painstakingly applied by Italian master craftsman Ettore “Blaster” Callegaro, adorns the exterior badging, makes up the body's racing strips, covers the interior surfaces, and has even been used on the engine as well as to dress the hood’s struts. To extenuate the gold elements, the rest of car’s body has been left bare. However, the clear-coated carbon-fibre finish adds structural integrity as well as bringing as art and science together in perfect harmony.full car.jpeg

Photo Courtesy of Koenigsegg

Yet as impressive as its exterior appears, it’s what it covers that truly makes this car spectacular. Sitting behind the Alcantara-trimmed driver and passenger seats is a 5-litre V8 engine designed, developed and built from the ground up by Koenigsegg itself. The personal care Koenigsegg took to build the elegant yet powerful engine is made all the more evident thanks to prodigious twin-turbocharging and some serious engineering knowhow. The final result is an output of a physics-defying 1,360hp.

 Little wonder, then, that the Gryphon, with its name taken from the mythical creature that is half-lion, half-eagle and the embodiment of strength and speed, also comes with a bespoke carbon-fibre crash helmet, which is finished in gold leaf so as not to be out of with open doors.jpeg

Photo Courtesy of Koenigsegg

When compared with another supercar, the Bugatti Veyron, a car whose engine needs 16 cylinders, an 8-litre capacity and four turbos to generate “just” 1,001hp the Koenigsegg's engine begins to impress even more.

 And, even with the gold leaf, luxuriously appointed interior, full infotainment system and hydraulics for raising either the front or rear end for overcoming things like speed bumps, this car tips the scales at a mere 1,395kg. That’s just a passenger seat and a few creature comforts short of the magical 1:1 power-to-weight ratio that’s the supercar maker’s Holy Grail.

 Having made its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the Agera RS Gryphon is now road-ready and can be bought by anyone who wishes to have a custom-made motoring masterpiece. 

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