Ever heard of the “No Shave November” tradition? It was all started back in 2009 when a father passed away after a long fight with colon cancer in Chicago. His eight sons and daughters then started this campaign to honour their father.

Eight years later, No Shave November become popular across the globe. The original purpose is to donate all the money you spend on grooming or shaving to support those fighting the battle.

Nowadays, men are taking this masculine tradition to the next level. Starting from November until the first day of December, they will ditch their razors and grooming regimens to let their manliness grow wild and free. But you know what? There are rules to growing out your inner lumberjack!

The first one is to (please) keep it clean! Cleansing is a crucial step in every facial regimen, and if you ditch the cleaning step, then this can lead to skin irritations and leave you a “beardruff”, or a beard dandruff. Second, keep your beard slick, smooth, and tamed. A little trim should be okay to help you achieve the ideal style. And poof! Extreme sexiness and unstoppable manliness may result.

To cherish your manhood, we’ve gathered up five looks to inspire the month of manly November:

 1.     Ryan Reynolds

To achieve this look, just simply trim your beard down a bit shorter. Reynolds’ beard is more casual: not too short and not too long. This beard is quite versatile and leaves you with fresh and clean looks.

 2.     Henry Cavill

For Mission Impossible: 6, Henry Cavill grew a badass and super-sexy beard and moustache. Even though you won’t see the sexy beard on The Justice League this November, you can totally learn and copy the medium-stubble beard. The short-stubble style is the perfect middle ground between clean shaven looks and full-on rugged.

 3.     Justin Timberlake

The ideal beard ratio turns out to really depend on the length of your hair. There is such a thing as a perfect beard-to-hair ratio, and Justin Timberlake is the perfect example of the ideal beard-to-hair ratio. Justin Timberlake’s thick beard is perfect with his short hairstyle. You can keep your mustache longer and trim your beard a bit—this style will give you fun and quirky vibes.

 4.     Liam Hemsworth

If you want to look more athletic and wild, then you should go for Liam Hemsworth’s beard style. This style works well if you have a broad bone structure on your face and a square jaw. You will definitely pull off a very strong lumberjack vibe and you can wear your full beard without too much trim. Just don’t forget to keep it clean and soft!

 5.     Orlando Bloom 

If you have a youthful, baby face, then you should try copy Bloom’s beard style. His choice of beard is super classic and fancy. The refined-artist look really brings more maturity to his youthful face and more soul to his eyes. Go for this look if you want to add more soulful features to your looks!



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