We are 10 days into the new year, and at this point you should definitely start making your hair decisions. Time to say goodbye to your 2018 colour, whether it was black or blue. The hair colours predicted for 2019 are really stylish and bold. Here, Indonesia Tatler has compiled five hair colour trends that you will see everywhere this year. Don’t worry, we’ve made sure there’s a colour for every one of you.

Chestnut gold and brown

You’d better start making salon appointments because the chestnut gold and brown look is one to stay this year. An autumnal colour indeed, which will thankfully stay throughout all four seasons this year and will make a pretty face even prettier. If you already have a brown base, all you need to do is add golden highlights and you’re good to go. Miranda Kerr can already seen in this breathtaking 2019 hair colour trend.

Coral pink

You can never have too much pink. This year, get your courageous self to go fully coral pink just like Kylie Jenner has. Fun fact: this colour is Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year, so you can only imagine how good it must be. Coral pink is a beautiful colour that will enhance your whole look, especially the eyes!

Jet black

It is no shock that black makes the cut every year because of how bold and beautiful it makes you look. A shade that fits well with every skin tone, there’s just something about black that makes you shine. What say you get a slicked-back-and-black hair look just like Dua Lipa?

Creamy blonde

Once you go blonde, you can never go wrong. Creamy blonde is one of 2019’s hottest colour hair trends and will make you look absolutely modern. Wondering what the difference is when it comes to creamy blonde? This shade is an extra bright, thicker, and more buttery shade of blonde that we’re sure you can pull off, just as Gwen Stefani has.

Ashy brunette

Ashy brunette is 2019’s brunette hair trend and all we can say is we’re lovin’ it so far. The shade will brighten up your whole face and make you stay fresh, all day every day. Emily Ratajkowski shows us how it’s done.

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