Photo courtesy of Heri B. Heryanto

The aesthetic clinic industry is slowly gaining its momentum these days. From facials to slimming treatments and offering non-invasive procedures that guarantee easy, safe, and practical techniques, more and more people are solemnly pledging to a particular aesthetic regime.

Founded in 2017, Jakarta Derma Clinic can be found in its three branches across Jakarta: Pondok Indah, Kelapa Gading, and Plaza Indonesia. Aiming to open its fourth branch in early next year, at the helm of this fast-growing aesthetic beauty clinic is dr. Ronald Yulianto.

We meet dr. Ronald at his office in South Jakarta, where the boyish doctor dons a pair of sharp grey pants and a suit over a light-blue shirt. With his friendly personality and relaxed demeanour, it’s easy to see why dr. Ronald has become one of the key players in the aesthetic clinic business in Indonesia.

“I think what’s unique to my personality as an aesthetician is that I deeply care for aesthetic medicine, but I also love the business challenges of it.”

Born in South Sulawesi into an entrepreneurial family–his father owned multiple restaurants and his mum owns hotels—dr. Ronald aspired to be a businessman since he was young. “I never thought I would become a doctor even after I completed my medical training. I always want to continue my family business,” he recalls.


Photo courtesy of Heri B. Heryanto

After completing medical school in Tarumanagara University, Ronald tried his luck by working at an aesthetic beauty clinic where his then-girlfriend also worked at. “It was love at first sight for me! And after working for one-and-a-half years, I decided to open Jakarta Derma Clinic,” said says dr. Ronald, who completed his aesthetic training in Monaco, Paris, and who is currently pursuing his master’s degree in anti-aging at Udayana University, on Bali.

Despite his family’s blessing and Herculean ambition, dr. Ronald opened Jakarta Derma Clinic to underwhelming success. The first few months saw no patients, but dr. Ronald didn’t see this as a rejection. Instead, he kept on going, coming up with new ways to spread his clinic’s brand awareness to the public.

“The first few months were harsh. We got no clients and people underestimated my clinic’s treatments. But, I believe that consistency is key,” he said. After participating in exhibitions in malls and building a solid social media presence, especially on Instagram, Jakarta Derma Clinic slowly picked up pace and we can bear witness as to its success as every treatment room was fully occupied during our interview session.

Aiming to provide the best-quality aesthetic medicine that money can buy, Jakarta Derma Clinic’s strongest weapon is its CoolSculpting treatment. Hailing from the US with FDA-approved certification, the fat- freezing slimming treatment sells like hotcakes at Jakarta Derma Clinic, where it was recently awarded for performing 1,000 treatments in 2018 alone.

CoolSculpting is a form of fat-freezing treatment that is relatively new to the game. The non-invasive liposuction removes excessive fat cells by freezing them at -11 degrees Celsius and allowing the dead cells to leave the body in the metabolism. Furthermore, the kind doctor shared with us a cool scientific titbit, in which dead cells, due to being frozen, are detected as unrecognisable by our macrophage and thus automatically ejected them through sweat and urine.

CoolSculpting itself is a single treatment that helps to slim down your waistline by 4cm-6cm in 90 days. “But, you will see the results in four weeks, I guarantee,” explains dr. Ronald with a smile.


Photo courtesy of Heri B. Heryanto

With the rise of many aesthetic beauty clinics in town, what makes Jakarta Derma Clinic (JDC) stand out? “It’s our dedication to each patient that makes us unique. We will take a good care of you here, and we are happy to do a follow-up consultation. It’s the attention to detail that means patients get, along with tons of knowledge regarding their treatments. We want them to be well-informed if they are going to spend millions on a single treatment. Our doctors will also be hands on treatments, leaving no room for mistakes and discomfort. And I’m proud to say that, so far, our clients have been very happy.”

During our wait in the crisp, minimalist lobby at Jakarta Derma Clinic Pondok Indah branch, a hanging TV plays in-loop videos of famous celebrities attesting to the aesthetic treatments. From singer Gisella Anastasia to Ashanti to Aurel to Titi Kamal, the throng of famous faces loving and believing in CoolSculpting treatment is intriguing to say the least. And this proves that word-of-mouth marketing alone doesn’t provide success for any aesthetic clinic if it’s not backed by great dedication and utmost care for its patients, just as dr. Ronald Yulianto provides.

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