Renowned Korean luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo doesn’t merely offer great skincare and make-up lines—it also offers a one-of-a-kind spa experience. Presenting the Sulwhasoo Facial Treatment Cabin: a specially designed venue in which guests can indulge in Asian holistic skincare through Suwhasoo’s luxurious products and the brand’s signature rituals.

Sulwhasoo has a strong belief that nature stores energy and that this provides benefits to the skin, like the cooling power of jade and the warm energy of amber. Combined with the brand’s facial massage techniques, these ingredients can deliver optimal results with every treatment.

With treatments conducted by experienced beauty therapists, the Sulwhasoo Facial Treatment Cabin provides four facial spa programmes, each lasting for 80 minutes. Moreover, each treatment targets specific skin concerns and gives different results ranging from moisturising the skin, renewing it, and increasing brightening, as well as one that focuses on anti-ageing. There really is a treatment for everybody.

In the video, you will see a quick demo of one of Sulwhasoo’s facial treatments featuring Millie Stephanie Lukito, Bureau Chief of Indonesia Tatler. As soon as she steps inside the spa cabin, the treatment begins with a dry cloth massage—a healing treatment performed in the royal palace long ago during the Joseon Dynasty.

After this, a choice of Korean herbal medicinal aromatic oil is applied onto a dry cloth to enhance the efficacies of the treatment and to awaken the five senses. The beauty ritual will result in a relaxed mind and body thanks to the Sulwhajeong delicate touch. 

“After trying many facial treatments, I do think the Sulwhasoo facial treatment is one of the best,” says Millie. “It makes my skin fresh and glowing, and at the same time lets my body and mind relax with the delicate Sulwhajeong touch.”

The Sulwhasoo Facial Treatment Cabin is available at the Sulwhasoo beauty counter at Sogo, Central Park Mall, in Jakarta. Watch the video to get a glimpse of what Sulwhasoo’s extra-special facial treatment looks like.

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