Platinum, gold, white caviar, caviar—the rare, precious ingredients that power La Prairie’s four luxury skincare collections are the main characters of the two-minute film, an artistically executed production that tells the brand’s story in a mysterious timescape built.

Narrated by award-winning Somali-American poet Laden Osman, the film begins with a bird’s eye view of majestic snow mountains and sea. The revelation of the four ingredients in their purest form in an ambiguous location follows, echoed by the magnetic voice of the narrator as she unfolds the legacy of La Prairie in an elegant, minimalist verse. The dreamlike setting of the film takes viewers to a secluded world of luxury—the world of La Prairie.

1-23174837-PLATINIUMRGB_resized_2000x1333.jpgThe Platinum Rare Collection contains one of the Earth's rarest, most precious resources to help diminish major visible signs of ageing. (Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie)

2-20175947-SKIN-CAVIAR-COMPOSVIRGB_resized_2000x1333.jpgA veritable icon, the Skin Caviar Collection provides legendary lifting and firming benefits. (Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie)

The camera then turns to a woman in black entering the room gracefully, and with the lightest of touches, her hand presses gently on the glass box that encases each noble ingredient. Every touch ignites a transformation of the raw ingredient—from its nature form into La Prairie’s signature skincare products—to reflect her deepest desire for eternal beauty.

3-20175947-WHITE-CAVIAR-CREAMEXTRAORDINARYRGB_resized_2000x1333.jpgA world of pure elegance, The White Caviar Collection provides exceptional brightening and firming for a softly lit effect. (Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie)

4-20180110-RADIANCE-CELLULAIRERGB_resized_2000x1333.jpgThe Radiance Collection draws its inspiration from pure gold to revitalise the skin's appearance. (Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie)

Hailed from the most exclusive origins, each skincare collection has its own distincive qualities: platinum for the Platinum Rare collection to help reduce major visible signs of of ageing; gold for the Radiance collection to give the skin a flattering glow; white caviar and pearls for the White Caviar collection with brightening and firming benefits; and caviar for the Skin Caviar collection to help restore the skin's elasticity and tone.

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