Don’t you love it when tiny tots are seen keeping up with the latest fashion trends? We know we do! Fashion knows no age, race, or limit. Anyone and everyone can be fashionable with a little effort. There are so many brands that offer insanely stylish outfits for kidswear, and Indonesia’s kidswear fashion industry is no less different for all the little angels to look ridiculously stylish. Here are the 10 Indonesian kidswear brands that offer affordable designs.

 Biboba Baby Shop

When we spend time scrolling through their feed, all we can think of is “this is cool”. From Versace trench coats to faux fur, Biboba literally has it all! Shades, umbrellas, sneakers and every other accessories are available for your baby.

Hey Baby Indo

We are being serious when we say this brand has the cutest onesies we’ve ever laid our eyes on. If your baby is going out for a stroll at the park, or if your baby is turning one, Hey Baby Indo has the onesie for just any and every occasion.

Baby Shwn

Definitely the right place for your baby, Baby Shwn provides onesies, varsity jackets, joggers and even tracksuits. Baby Shwn sure wants every baby to be rocking the streets from such an early age.

 Mikha In Fashion

 Mikha In Fashion is perfect for trendy babies. The label keeps up with the latest trends and then makes it available for kids too! Straw hats, flower crowns and sabrina tops, they’ve got you covered.

Jumma Kids

Exquisite and stylish is what Jumma Kids is all about. Different colours, patterns and designs Jumma Kids has the right outfit for every kid.

Bubble Girl

From batik motifs to floral patterns, Bubble Girl has adorable clothing for little girls out there. They have dresses and tops in batik of all kinds, combining traditional and modern right here.


Bimbi will keep your kids trendy and sophisticated with the posh fashion brands. Whether its a back-to-school outfit or a day in the park, Bimbi provides high-end fashion brands for your little ones.

Baby Harper Shop

Lots of denim choices is what you should expect to find from Baby Harper Shop! And good thing that denim is always in fashion. Baby Harper also offers a variety colors with their other outfits for both boys and girls.

Jj Clothing

You are one stop away from making your kid looks like a princess! From formal dresses to princess dresses, Jj clothing offers myriad of cute design for your little angel.

Supernova Baby

Supernova is all about the cutest onesies and the most adorable leggings you could ever fine, and what more could you ask?

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