The men’s fashion week hasn’t ended yet, but we’ve seen our fair share of magnificent clothing and designs in the London edition of the men’s fashion week. From crop tops to teddy bears, we have rounded up the 5 highlights of Men’s London Fashion Week to inspire your wardrobe collection for the coming autumn/winter!

6-pack peek-a-boos

Finally it’s the men’s turn to show some skin! Bobby Abley’s unique designs are complete made of different kinds of fabric, such as feather and fur. But what makes it a highlight is that it’s a crop top, which can also be seen in Xander Zhou’s creation!

Surely men can withstand a bit of chill ;) 

Popular Parodies

If you think you’ve seen this shirt before, you’ve probably seen it in Calvin Klein’s collection. Instead of the logo, the ingenious Christopher Shannon added “Constant Stress” followed by “I’m Done”. So if you need just a bit of humor in your life you know where to find them!


We saw it coming! With the rise of cami-dresses for everyday fashion, it’s no surprise that pyjamas made its way into the runway this year. From pajama pants to silk robes, Katie Eary’s model sported them all and some even carried teddy bears as props! 

Let’s hope that the look will becomes a bigger trend in the near future so we won’t have to sacrifice comfort for look, or look for comfort!

Fuzzy Friends

Both Bobby Abley and Katie Eary featured teddy bears as props, whether in the form of bag or plush. Whether or not the bear should stick around in the fashion industry it’s up to you. Should dads start buying teddy bears for themselves rather than for their kids?

Pocket Full of Sunshine

Browse through Christopher Shannon, Topman, and Liam Hodges collections and you’ll find colourful patchwork on many of their looks! These delightful details make each of its pieces precious in its own right.

It will be hard to find someone else’s to match your outfit that is if your patchworks possess different colours! 

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