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Mules are the flats of the season, and following the trend, many local brands are starting to produce different types of mules as a formal option, replacing flat ballerina shoes. Made popular during the 16th century in Europe, a mule is a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot’s heel. Today, there are various designs ranging from beaded mules and embroidered mules to satin bow mules, and others to suit each one’s preferences. With Idul Fitri coming up, we have selected some beautifully designed mules by Indonesian footwear labels for ladies to wear on the special celebration.



Unificatio offers handmade leather shoes and bag straps that are aimed at providing comfort, style, and luxury to customers who wear them. Its products range across different colours and designs, with some incorporating embroidery, frills, beads, and even plain leather for a simpler option. Better yet, shoe lovers are allowed to customise their own pair of mules the way they want them. The mules are appropriate to be worn during the daytime or the night during Buka Puasa gatherings and Eid al-Fitr. Click here to browse through Unificatio’s products.



Established in 2007 by Indonesian fashion designer Saptodjojokartiko, his eponymous label is known for its beautiful clothing lines with intricate details, as well as its luxury shoe line. In addition, touches of Indonesian heritage can be seen throughout the label’s mule designs. For instance, this luxurious tassels in earthy colours along with the intricate embroideries, which will fit to any Lebaran outfits. Fancy this mule? More stunning ones are available here.

Teresa Mutiara


Teresa Mutiara is a footwear brand that offers handmade leather sandals and mules. The shoes are also made with anti-slip rubber on the outside to ensure comfortable and safe wear. Most of its designs tend to be inspired by nature and Indonesian culture—for instance, this mule has an adorable daisy design on top. The footwear line boasts colourful, unique items to simple and wearable ones, so you can opt for any style you prefer this Lebaran season.

Christin Wu


Christin Wu presents contemporary designs of shoes that are timeless and versatile and cater to everyone’s taste. The shoes come in heels and sandals to mules made from fine-quality materials that stand out, making them perfect to be worn for Eid al-Fitr. To see more designs, visit the website here. 

Langkah by Lina Lee


Langkah by Lina Lee is a footwear brand that emphasises its craftsmanship through the variety of shoes it offers. Some of its mules have unique silhouettes yet are still made to be wearable and comfortable. The mules also feature intricate details of embroidery and embellishments that create a luxurious appearance. Due to its popularity, many ladies have trusted Langkah by Lina Lee for special occasions and we think Idul Fitri would be one of them. Get to know the brand here.

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