Like it or not, belt bags or fanny packs are in for the season. Spotted on major fashion houses’ runways last year, belt-bag fever has slowly swept across Indonesia as well—you can spot them worn by gents right across the capital city. And we get the appeal. Belt bags are small, practical, and can be worn around your waist or slung over your shoulder. While men don’t have millions of things to carry with them, a jeans pocket alone isn’t enough (where will you put your mobile phone charger?). With this in mind, we have compiled five designer belt bags that are not only practical, but also have the swag.


gucci leather belt bag.jpg

Photo: Photo courtesy of Farfetch

Inspired by the 1980s, Gucci’s print leather belt bag is practical in many forms that all come with an adjustable nylon web strap with plastic buckle closure as well as zipper closure. In full leather, Gucci brings its iconic logo to the front with red and green web motifs that are simple yet classy.


balenciaga yellow.jpg

Photo: Photo courtesy of Farfetch

Worn by celebrities like A$AP Rocky, the neon Balenciaga belt bag brings 1990s grooves back. With its spacious volume and simplistic but edgy design, the Balenciaga bum bag is a must for all fashion-forward gentlemen in town.


prada belt bags.jpg

Photo: Photo courtesy of Farfetch

Prada’s classy and elegant crisp black belt bag is loved by many fashion bloggers everywhere and even in Indonesia. And how could it not be? The nylon belt bag is not just stylish but also practical with its many compartments—suitable for those who carry more than one item.

Alexander McQueen

alexander mcqueen camo belt bags.jpg

Photo: Photo courtesy of Farfetch

Alexander McQueen’s beloved camo belt bag is the epitome of street style appeal. Made from silk and leather, McQueen’s cool camo belt bag comes with structured design, zip fastening, and several compartments. No wonder it’s on everyone’s must-have list.

Louis Vuitton

lv lust4labels.jpg

Photo: Photo courtesy of Lust4labels

Louis Vuitton’s belt bag is such a hit because the iconic motif is versatile and can be paired with almost any outfit. Are you planning to wear a white tee and blue denim jeans? Or are you eyeing a more semi-formal outfit? Anything is possible with LV’s belt bag.

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