London Fashion Week is possibly the biggest fashion show in London and takes place twice a year. So who can you find at London Fashion Week? Gorgeous models, talented designers, sophisticated guests, and everyone else in the fashion industry, of course. Let’s just say it’s one event at which all creatives from the fashion industry get together and give us one impressive show. London itself is one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world—walking down Oxford Street or taking a stroll down Abbey Road already feel like a runway. After witnessing the latest designs and trends, we tried to imagine how Indonesian women would look if they took a little inspiration from the runway this London Fashion Week 2018.

Ashish: Rachel Nathaniashiiiiish.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Rachel Nathani & Getty Images

Ashish Gupta is everything glitz and glam and hits a whole new level of sophistication. One particular look we loved from the runway at LFW 2018 was this particular one, which when we saw it, made us think immediately of Rachel Nathani. Not only would this particular fit make her look stunning, but the colour will compliment her so well, too. Subtle silver can never be wrong on this #BossLady.

Molly Goddard: Cinta Laura Keihl mollygoddddard.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Cinta Laura Keihl & Getty Images

Molly Goddard creates looks for the young and the beautiful, and we couldn’t stop but stare when we saw this look on the runway. Something about this outfit takes trendy to a whole new level. Maybe it’s the frills, or the pattern, or the colour, or even the low neckline—and one person who would stun the world in this dress is none other than Cinta Laura. She has the ability to look absolutely remarkable in patterned dresses, which she is seen wearing frequently. Young, beautiful, and stylish, Cinta Laura would definitely blow us away in this gorgeous piece from Molly Goddard.

Burberry: Renitasari Adrianburberrrrry.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Renitasari Adrian & Getty Images

Burberry is a classic usually worn by elegant and stylish women, who never fail to impress dressed in the brand. Burberry, in particular, has the ability to make you shine. In a room full of art, if you were wearing Burberry, all eyes would still be on you. As London Fashion Week was going on, Kendall Jenner happened to model for Burberry in this stunning all-beige piece and the first person we pictured wearing the same thing was Renitasari Adrian. Renitasari is always oozing inspiration with her unique looks, and we’re sure that if she was seen in this one, she would be oozing inspiration, too.

Halpern: Agnes Monicahalpreeeeennnnn.jpg

 Photo: Photo Courtesy of Agnes Monica & Getty Images

Funky designs, lots of sequins, and a hint of the 80s is what Halpern is all about. During London Fashion Week, you could spot tiger-patterned pieces, lots of sequins, snakeskin patterns, bright colours, and everything funky. Speaking of funky, we thought of Agnes Monica and how easily she would nail this Halpern piece. Agnes Monica, uniquely groovy in her own way, stands out as she dares to be different, and that’s what we love about her.

Ashley Williams: Andriani Marshanda

ashleywilllllllliams.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Andriani Marshanda & Getty Images

British contemporary womenswear designer Ashley Williams always raises the bar high on the runway. Her pieces range from simple to quite the opposite of simple in minutes—and all of them are absolutely stunning. Who other than the sweet Marshanda to rock a peplum and metallic pants? As soon as we saw this look, we saw Andriani Marshanda in it. Sweet, simple, and sophisticated is what this is all about!

Victoria Beckham: Jessica IskandarUntitled-1.jpg

 Photo: Photo Courtesy of Jessica Iskandar & Getty Images

Victoria Beckham has a unique brand of style that she consistently took to the runway this LFW. Victoria Beckham creates stylish pieces that you’ll see on the most stylish of women. Yes, we’re talking about Jessica Iskandar rocking this runway look. We get streetwear and feminine vibes from this look, and who other than Jessica to rock a combined streetwear and feminine piece, right?

Richard Quinn: Nia Ramadhanirichardquinnnnnnnnnnn.jpg

 Photo: Photo Courtesy of Nia Ramadhani & Getty Images

Only Richard Quinn could mix polka dots with a floral pattern and make it look this good! Spotted on the runway this LFW was this gorgeous balloon dress. When we saw this dress, we thought of three adjectives: gorgeous, inspiring, and unique! Is it safe to say that we can see Nia Ramadhani making a statement with this piece? Maybe it’s her ability to look stylishly unique, or her poise, but we know that this look is most definitely Nia Ramadhani.

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