COVER.pngGalaxister Strass shoe by Christian Louboutin

Whether terrestrial or fantastical, no destination seems beyond the reach of Christian Louboutin, and its latest collection proves this conclusively. The brand’s fall/winter 2019/20 line-up is a beautiful collaboration between the beauty of sunny Portugal and the snow-kissed mountains of the Himalayan steppes, with a collection of whimsical pieces that describe the collection brilliantly.

The designer’s creative process is visible throughout all product categories with a new mood board print that is inspired by Christian’s memories. The collection of espadrilles resembles the warmth and optimism of Portugal, a source of Christian’s creative inspirations. Meanwhile, big on theme parks, Christian has injected his playful childhood memories into the collection of men’s and women’s shoes, bags, and accessories. Bold, colour-blocking pieces express a tangible zest for life, while rainbow brights can be seen sprawled across the collection, adding a dose of levity and verve while staying true to the Maison’s joyful spirit.

Levita, Optisling Strass and Sandrine shoes by Christian Louboutin

For the ladies, Christian has brought ‘70s Milan to the creation of the formal evening collection. Ornate styles inspired by iconoclastic interior designs, innovations such as the Cube heel and hand-embellished bijou Vasa heel are standard wear for an elegant evening. Onto the menswear, Christian has used materials such as velvet uppers and strass to bring a touch of informal elegance—a style preferred by many men these days, not forgetting his Ostrich feather trimmings adorned by Louboutin’s signature red leather goods silhouette.

BAG.pngMarie Jane Bucket bag by Christian Louboutin

However, the party mood doesn’t end there. Memories of Christian’s Paris cabaret nightlife in the ‘80s is obvious through his vibrant-coloured palettes, and metallic and iconic vintage designs. Sparkling into the night is a variety of glittering strass and patent animal prints. Wild nights call for a return to tranquillity in the snow-capped Himalayas. His love of nature has also been inscribed in both the men’s and women’s styles through wild flora motifs accompanied by frosty silvers. The winter-feel has also been brought forward within the variety of sleek pumps for the ladies.

Xibabe.png Xibabe shoes by Christian Louboutin

Apart from his formal wear, Christian has also worked his magic on the collection of skiing style codes for women and men by toughening things up with new lug track soles and hiking laces. The typical masculine loafers, derbies, and motorcycle boots have been tempered with signature studs and patent leathers whilst men’s sneakers are now sporting fur trimmings and snow camouflage for an alpine feel.

When it comes to creating an array of pieces from a variety of inspirations within the same collection, Christian sure knows how to tackle the issues. The fall/ winter 2019/20 collection is available worldwide on

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