From vibrant floral dresses to chic pantsuits, Melania Trump is one fashion chameleon who certainly knows how to dress for every occasion. Ever since her husband Donald Trump ran for office, the world has been watching their every move. President Trump’s political moves have been scrutinised just as much as the First Lady’s style has been commended upon. With head held high, Melania remains unfazed by the media as she carries on her duties as First Lady and attends every occasion with admirable ensembles.


The year 2017 marked a new era for not only Melania’s life as First Lady, but also her fashion repertoire. The woman who once reached for sheer fabrics has now found comfort in more demure silhouettes. With trained eyes and a sharp sense of style, Melania never fails to astound the world with her ensembles. Only few can walk the fine line between classy and sexy, and the First Lady is one of them.


Much like past first ladies, Melania often opts for sleek tailored outfits that scream power and elegance for state visits, often relying on the works of Christian Dior and Delpozo. The First Lady always incorporates local flair into her looks while adding twists of her own. During her trip to China, she chose to shorten her red Valentino dress to better complement her statuesque figure. Although it might have been seen as a bold move, she still trimmed the dress to a respectable length.

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