At the end of a hedged pathway, a courtyard opens to Paris’s famed pillared façade of Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild where a herald announced guests’ arrivals to this year’s Hermès theme launch party. Invitees were encouraged to overdress following Hermès’ theme of the year “Let’s Play!”, which calls about movement and freedom in one’s imagination. Hosted by CEO Axel Dumas and Artistic Director Pierre-Alexis Dumas, both attired de rigueur, guests followed suit with costumes such as an egg-patterned three-piece and a carousel-shaped fascinator.


Photo courtesy of Hermes by DR

In the bespoke hôtel particulier’s atrium, a mysterious man suited in white and a ravishing blonde in red welcomed partygoers to try spinning the wheel of fortune. With generous champagne flowing throughout the night, further exploration and interaction was encouraged by actors and actresses dressing and bursting out their lines without notice—such as Romeo beseeching Juliet perched high on her balcony.


Photo courtesy of Hermes by DR

To represent the horses that were the Maison’s first playmates, and which are still dear to its heart today, the party introduced a new form of jousting, among other games. Although the horses that night were only puppets, the fun was real as the knights solicited and exchanged answers based on the game master’s topic. Want to know more about the night’s fun fete? Look forward to our August issue for more pictures and the event’s complete details!

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