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They are two of the best athletes in their respective sports. Ask anybody to rank the top fighters in boxing and mixed martial arts and their names are sure to be mentioned.  

Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Conor “The Notorious” McGregor.

On August 26, the two finally clashed in the boxing ring, bringing to life a fight several years in the making. Mayweather came out of retirement for this fight, looking to cement his legacy as the greatest boxer of all time with his 49-0 record on the line. McGregor talks the talk and will take any fight, even one outside of his expertise. Despite only having a few months of training, McGregor was confident he would shock the world.

Preceding The Money Fight was a whirlwind press tour that took the two fighters to four cities around the world in just as many days. It was during this time that a duel of similarly epic proportions took place: a duel of fashion styles. Both fighters are known for flaunting their riches and unique dress sense on social media. The press tour was a culmination of hundreds of posts as both fighters dressed to the nines. Whether there was a psychological aspect involved, or if it was merely their eccentric fashion choices, the two fighters certainly put on a show.

Let’s look back at some of their most unique outfit choices.

Fight Night

No other fighter walks into the training camp quite as fashionably as McGregor does. From tailored shirts to silk robes to the slickest footwear, McGregor has it all. Mayweather, on the other hand, is well known for his entrances and flashy walkout outfits. Even after 20 years of boxing, Mayweather still managed to shock audiences at the big fight with his outfit choice: a ski-mask with holes cut out for his eyes and mouth.

Life In The Fast Lane 

When they are not in the gym, only the most stylish and comfortable of casualwear is good enough for the two titans. What better way to show off casualwear than to pose with their extensive luxury car collections? Both men have automobile collections that consist of names like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bugatti, to name a few names.

Suiting Up

In addition to fighting and automobiles, both men are also connoisseurs of custom-made suits. While many of us may brush off our suits only for special occasions, custom-fitted suits are a staple of both Mayweather and McGregor’s wardrobes. Whether it is for press conferences, a night out on the town, or attending a fight, both men can be spotted in the most dapper of custom-made suits.

Press Tour

Finally, we take a quick look at some of the outfits worn during the press tour that took place in Las Vegas, New York, Toronto and London. Mayweather chose to wear his own brand for most of the tour, while McGregor was all business with his suits. However, McGregor redefined fashion at the stop in New York. He appeared in a Gucci ensemble made up of a fur coat with the house’s signature snake embroidered on the back, floral brocade trousers, loafers and no shirt—exposing his trademark tattoos on his chest and abdomen. 

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