Interiors Transformation Design: See How This 19th-Century Townhouse Magically Transforms into a Modern Look January 3, 2017

British interior designer Kelly Hoppen transforms a 19th-century townhouse in the heart of London into the very picture of modern elegance.

Real Estate Transformation Design: Incredible Transformation of a Vacant Bunker Into Unique Live-in Sculpture January 2, 2017

Property developer Stefan Höglmaier and singer Oscar Loya have transformed a vacant bunker into their own unique live-in sculpture

Real Estate Take a Look at the 5 Most Expensive Homes in the World January 1, 2017

You may think your home is your castle, but for some their home really is a castle. So what type of pad does a billionaire buy?

Real Estate Meet François Goffinet, the World's Most In-Demand Garden Landscape Designer December 31, 2016

When the world's rich and famous want to design their lavish garden, he's the go-to-person. Meet one of the most in-demand garden landscape designer, François Goffinet.

Interiors Size Does Matter: A Closer Look at Trump Tower from the Indomitable Donald Trump December 30, 2016

Did you know that Trump Tower is not quite as tall as it thinks it is? When it comes to making buildings magically taller, without actually altering them physically, many developers have taken their cues from the indomitable Donald Trump.

Interiors The Close-Up: Jean-Michel Gathy, the Visionary Architect Behind Your Next Holiday Headquarters December 29, 2016

Asia's top hotels designer, Jean-Michel Gathy, shares with us about his success story conducting luxurious hotel architecture.

Real Estate Spatial Oddity: Look Inside the Unique Balinese Villa of the Legendary David Bowie December 28, 2016

We take a look inside of David Bowie’s Balinese villa, wich is an architectural curio that you can rent for yourself.

Real Estate Cohabitation: Sharing Your Living Space with Strangers December 27, 2016

As property development faces uncertain times, more companies are looking at creating cohabitation residencies with the core of building communities while generating revenue.

Real Estate Luxury Panoramic Views Apartment in the Heart of CBD Jakarta November 24, 2016

This new apartment in the heart of CBD Jakarta is all about panoramic views of the city. Read on...

Interiors Smart Home Technology: Take Control of Your Home from the Palm of Your Hand October 29, 2016

Nowadays, consumers look for comfort and simplicity. This includes to have full control of our home from our everyday devices such as smartphones or tablet.

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