Society 10 Talented Indonesian Photographers to Keep Your Eye On March 22, 2017

Meet the young, famous and successful individuals behind the lenses

Society Garin Nugroho on Directing 'Setan Jawa', His Directorial Journey and Future Projects March 20, 2017

The renowned director talks about his latest film and the importance of films in a society.

Society 10 Gorgeous Indonesian Beauty Influencers to Know in 2017 March 20, 2017

These days, beauty is in the eye of the blogger and social media influencer.

Society Top Stories of the Week (March 13-19) March 19, 2017

From eclectic concept stores to visit in Jakarta to luxurious Nyepi packages, see what you missed as we list our most popular stories of the week.

Society Close-Up: Raissa Edwina Djuanda on Career, Limitless World, and Life Harmony March 17, 2017

Loving a challenge and always seeking to excel are what drive nutritionist Raissa Edwina Djuanda to succeed.

Society A Relentless Learning Experience: Haji Ketut Masagung on Business and Life Wisdom March 16, 2017

Between running a business, developing a social initiative, and playing with jet-ski and private watercraft, Haji Ketut Masagung, surely knows the delicate balancing act of loving work and living life.

Society Rumour Mill: Shop 'Til You Drop March 15, 2017

Our Rumour Mill radar this time picked up the story about a nouveau riche lady suddenly realised that she was excluded from a crème de la crème clique of passionate shoppers. Read on...

Society Inside Bunga Citra Lestari’s ‘It’s Me BCL’ Concert March 14, 2017

What you need to know from BCL’s solo concert

Society Spice of Life: Raline Shah Opens Up About Her Latest Endeavours, From Comic Book to Philanthrophy March 14, 2017

Our March cover girl, Raline Shah, speaks to us about various topics, including her latest film, her comic book debut, her dedication to philanthropic deeds, and the secret to her success.

Society How President Jokowi Relaxes and Unwinds: Archery and Futsal March 13, 2017

To unwind from the demands of his daily political tasks, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo relaxes with archery and futsal.

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