Following on from our first story covering the country’s fashion influencers, we now look at another batch  who have inspired a younger generation to experiment with make-up and other cosmetics as well as to educate them on how to take care of their skin.

Yes, these beauty influencers are responsible for countless tutorial videos that ranked high on the Internet. With this in mind, we have handpicked 10 gorgeous Indonesian beauty influencers that will provide you with daily inspirations to look your best self. Scroll away!


We have to admit that Hellua is without a doubt the lips queen. This mother-of-two is active on Instagram, with 90.7k followers and enjoys sharing lipstick reviews, trying out various colours and sizes and even sharing close-ups. Hellua is your best go-to gal to help your lips shine and match perfectly with your make-up.

Lizzie Parra

A professional make-up artist and founder of By Lizzie Parra, this influencer is a versatile when it comes to experimenting with bold or natural looks. Elizabeth Christina often posted tutorial videos and reviews for make-up items like eye shadow, eye liner, foundations and other on her Instagram with 118k followers, YouTube channel and website. Don’t miss out!


Harumi Sudrajat

Harumi is a young and confident girl who provides beauty tips on her website, ranging from hairstyle to fashion inspirations. She also offers make-up tutorial to satisfy her 74.3k followers’ questions on how she always looks so fabulous on her Instagram and YouTube channel. We certainly want to know as well!

Andra Alodita

The mother who has it all! Look at this bob-haired beauty influencer who is known for her chic, casual looks that are perfect for any woman. Moreover, this ex-photographer also now focuses on her blog, which features beauty, travel, wellness and food content. Also, her adorable daughter is another reason to follow this inspiring mama on Instagram that has 208k followers.

Abel Cantika

Recently, this beauty enthusiast launched a new fashion line amid a bevy of beauty endorsements on her social media pages. And this makes sense, because Abel is a young and beautiful make-up enthusiast who is also passionate about helping women with make-up tutorials on her YouTube channel and fashion fixes on her Instagram page that has 256k followers. What more could you ask for?

Putri Caya

Putri Caya is known for her thorough beauty product reviews on Instagram that has 73.3k followers, which make senses as she is an ex-beauty editor. She is also known for sporting creative hairstyles, such as the gorgeous rose gold ombre that can be seen on her page. Her style surely gives her the edge among other beauty influencers.


Looking for some tips and style for your hair? Then Sasyachi is the right influencer for you. The winner of top beauty influencers 2015 (Indonesia), who has 67.5k followers on Instagram, often posted about haircare routine and styling, both on her YouTube channel and website. She also often reviews make-up kits, fashion items and more on her blog.


Once you land on Francesca’s Instagram page, it's guaranteed that you will be surprised by her groovy monolid make-up. Most of her work is focused on sparkling eyeshadows, eyeliners and eyelashes. Francesca also offers tutorials on the topic on her YouTube channel and cosmetic review on her blog.

Stella Lee

Stella Lee gained popularity after posting about plastic surgery in South Korea back in 2015. This beauty blogger detailed her after-surgery healing process along with beauty, fashion and travel advice on her blog. She also likes everything Japanese! Check her out on Instagram.

Janine Intansari

Full-glam make-up matched perfectly with eccentric violet hair and eyebrows is how Janine Intansari stands out from the crowd. She offers to teach her loyal followers on how to do make-up naturally despite her glamorous make-up on her YouTube channel. Meanwhile, she also posts quick make-up guides on her Instagram page and shares new information about beauty products to her 95.9k followers.

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