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When it comes to photography, especially photojournalism, we can always turn to Arbain Rambey for a thought-provoking discussion. Even though Arbain has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, he went ahead and took the plunge into the field of journalism and photography, which attracted him more as a full-time professional career.

For Arbain, a journalist and photo editor with Kompas since 1990 and one of the most respected figures in the world of photography, photojournalism is a way of life. He has also won multiple awards, besides frequently serving as a jury member for photography competitions, and photographing for books and exhibitions.

Here, Arbain, who is also one of the Tatler Tribe members, shares some insights that will take your photojournalism knowledge to the next level.

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Photo: Courtesy of Arbain Rambey

A passion for photojournalism

Arbain believes that professional achievement will only happen if we work with passion. In the field of photojournalism, Arbain says, we must have a passion in ourselves to always try to do the very best work, and this is the most challenging thing.

"I always want to make better images than everyone else, especially when we cover the same events together, like the Olympics or the Asian Games," says Arbain, who aims to open photojournalism school in the future.

As a photojournalist, other than exploring the world of photography, a photojournalist should love the world of reporting and writing as well. In Arbain’s case, he admits that he is a photographer who writes more than any other photographer.

On what makes a good photograph

For Arbain, the most important element of a good photograph is "moment". "It is only moment that cannot be automatically set," says Arbain. So, moments come and go, but swiftly immortalising these moments into stunning images is the role of a good photographer.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are capturing the moments with any type of camera, one goal all photographers strive for is to be a good visual storyteller by photographing a scene that quickly gets to the heart of the story.

Best photography tips

Without any doubt, Arbain says that the best photography tip, especially for a novice, is just to start. That we actually don’t need the latest and greatest equipment to make beautiful images.

It’s not necessarily about heavy, expensive DSLRs with an array of lenses and other equipment, but actually about hard work, study and practice, which are what it takes to make our images better.

Photojournalism in the digital age

Arbain thinks that the field of photojournalism and documentary photography has evolved in the last 20-30 years. And the direction it will go in the future is through the digital era that changes everything.

"Since everything became so easy, within the next 10 years or so, there will only be freelance reporters and photographers, and we will buy all our photos from the Internet," he concludes.

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