This week sees our Tatler friends celebrating the festive season with their loved ones, spending some quality time at their year-end holiday trips! Stay in the know by following either @indonesiatatler on Instagram, or with our weekly Tatlergrams column below.

 Junita Liesar

Junita Liesar is spending her holidays right with her daughter in New York City.

Feisal Hamka 

Meanwhile, Feisal Hamka posted an adorable picture with his siblings and girlfriend all clad in merry outfits and festive headbands.

Susan Bachtiar

Susan Bachtiar chose to spend her annual family vacation in the sunny and beautiful Brighton Beach with her hubby by her side and her adorable son in between.

Ita Handoko

Elsewhere, Ita Handoko jetted to Connecticut (before heading to NYC) for a snow-white family holiday. 

 Shandy Aulia

Eiffel...I'm in Love 2 actress Shandy Aulia is spotted spending her winter holidays with dear husband and beloved mother in Aspen, Colorado.

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