When we watch pageant shows on television, we might often be skeptical questioning the true intentions of pageants platforms. However, times are changing, and now young women are joining pageants not only for the fame but also with a good intention of promoting Indonesian culture and undertaking social work that will benefit society. Here, we have picked seven Indonesian pageant winners-slash-warriors that have made us proud with their achievements and social work.

1.       Bunga Jelitha Ibrani

Bunga is an example for people out there to never give up on their dreams. Despite failing to be selected as winner for Gadis Sampul 2005 and Puteri Indonesia 2012, Bunga marched on and tried her luck again for Puteri Indonesia 2017. Fate was with her: she won and become the Indonesian representative in Miss Universe 2017 held in Las Vegas. Bunga is also known for her extensive modelling work on the runway and for editorial. Fun fact: Did you know that Bunga Jelitha posed for our beautiful fashion spread last August?

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2.       Nadine Chandrawinata

Despite the controversy she faced during her participation in Miss Universe 2006, Nadine managed to weather the storm and successfully entered the entertainment world and now has more than 10 movies under her belt. Not only that, Nadine is also an active environmentalist, actively promoting messages on Instagram to her followers about the importance of protecting the environment and displaying her love of the Indonesian seas and biodiversity through her favourite hobby, diving.


3. Maria Rahajeng

Not only is Maria Rahajeng the winner of Miss Indonesia 2014 as well as Beauty with a Purpose winner at Miss World 2014, she is also an influential fashion blogger and entertainment host together with her twin sister Elizabeth. Maria and her twin sister are also the first Indonesian presenters to be hired by E! News Asia, a fabulous accomplishment that definitely makes Indonesia proud.

 4.       Achintya Nilsen

Achintya is not just a gorgeous young woman, which that justified her joining the top 10 ranks of Miss World 2017, but she is also an active athlete excelling in more than three sports at the same time. Tennis, soccer and volleyball are where she has achieved an impressive track record. She clearly impressed the jury when asked about her mission if she was chosen as Miss Indonesia 2017: “If chosen as Miss Indonesia, it is my hope to start working on Beauty with a Purpose project that will benefit villagers living in extreme poverty. I believe that by lifting Indonesia out of poverty, we are also creating equality and raising our position on the global platform.”


5.       Maria Harfanti

Before Maria Harfanti was crowned as the second runner-up in Miss World 2015, she was already an accomplished student in her university, participating in several organisations and being selected as the elusive teacher’s assistant. Her active role in the AIESEC organisation led her to Mainland China to teach small children for a short period of time. Despite being an active student during her university, she managed to squeeze in some time to learn several languages, including English, French and German.


6.       Natasha Mannuela Halim

Snagging both titles as the second runner-up for Miss World 2016 and Miss World Asia 2016, Natasha is truly a beauty with a purpose. Her social activities include participation in a South African trip for the “Stop Hunger Now” campaign with 2016 Miss World Stephanie Dell Valle along with a trip visiting hospitals in the Philippines. Currently, Natasha is busy with several modelling projects as seen on her Instagram page.


7.       Kevin Lilliana

Don’t mistake Kevin as a boy, because Kevin Lilliana is a gorgeous towering 1.77m woman who won Miss International 2017 and became the country’s most beloved darling. We won’t be surprised if her heartwarming speech, promoting unity in diversity among societies, led her to win the hearts of the judges and the audiences. After her win, Kevin is currently being busy promoting healthy lifestyle, especially after her guest-star appearance on Dr Oz Indonesia.

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