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There is no denying that for most people, the subjects of climate change and environmental impact are intimidating. They are complicated, multilaterals problem that are very difficult to understand entirely. For this reason, we would like to give a round of applause to the intelligent and persistent people who are working hard to find solutions to the various challenges that environmental problems present.

These amazing people come from many different walks of life, from a jeweller to an actor to a philanthropist. All of them have given new perspectives and expertise that focus on the enormous crises our planet is experiencing. These people have an undeniable dedication to their work in helping the environment that will benefit generations to come. As inspiration is infectious, we present you with this list so that you can drink in some inspiration and make a difference in the world. Remember, all of us have the ability to make an impact.

  1.       Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is not only a well-known philanthropist, he is also an active eco-warrior. At the end of 2016, Bill Gates announced on his blog,, that he, along with a group of people who care about energy innovation are launching the Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), a fund that will invest more than US$1 billion into developing scientific breakthroughs with the potential to deliver cheap, reliable, and clean energy to the world. The BEV is committed to bring new zero-emission energy technologies to market. Read his personal notes on the environment on, as you will be inspired for sure.

2.       Majora Carter

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Majora Carter is a visionary who views urban renewal through an environmental lens. With her motto “Green the Ghetto”, she managed to bring the South Bronx its first open-waterfront park in 60 years. She didn’t stop there, as she continued to score US$1.25 million in federal funds for a greenway along the South Bronx waterfront, changing the neighbourhood into an open space, with pedestrian walkways, bike paths, and space for mixed-use economic development. With the Majora Carter Group, she is going to approach to communities far outside the South Bronx and put green economic tools to use in order to unlock the potential of every place—from urban cities to rural communities.

3.       Al Gore

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Aside from being a former vice president, Al Gore is also known as being an active environmentalist, founding the Climate Reality Project to solve climate crisis. He wrote numerous best-selling environment books such as An Inconvenient Truth, The Assault on Reason, and Earth in the Balance among many others. Most recently, he released the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, a powerful book that was turned into a movie back in 2006. In the first An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore led the documentary to win two Oscars in 2006. Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2007, along with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, due to his active role in informing the dangers posed by climate change.

4.       Jeanine Hsu

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Passionate about making a positive impact, Jeanine Hsu founded her jewellery label niin with sustainable and ethical practices at its core. Expressing her passion in design and respecting nature, she creates beautiful designs out of materials that the earth provides. What other people see as waste, Jeanine is able to see in a different light, making it into something she loves doing the most while spreading the message to tread lightly on the earth.

5.       Leonardo DiCaprio

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Listing down Leonardo Dicaprio’s activities on environmental well-being will be an exhaustive task. He started donating money since 1998 to environmental wellbeing projects and he also found The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants. Through collaborative partnerships, they support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction whilst restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. He also joining the pledge to Divest-Invest pledge, an initiative that ask investors to shift their financial assets away from fossil fuel investments and towards clean energy solutions. He also made several documentaries such as 11th Hour where Leonardo documents the grave problems facing the planet’s life systems. Before the Flood follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels around the globe to witness first-hand the devastating impact of climate change and what can be done to solve the climate crisis.

6.       Medha Patkar

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Internationally known for her works, Medha Patkar founded the National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) in 1996 to be an agglomeration of progressive social bodies opposed to globalisation policies. She is heavily involved in the World Commission on Dams, which is the first independent world advisory body on the dam-related issues of water, power, and alternatives, and which was set up in 1998. Patkar has also worked with local communities to create alternatives for energy generation, water harvesting, and education, as well as a system of residential and day schools in the Indian villages of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat.


7.       Renard Siew

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As noted in our previous interview with Renard Siew (you can read the article here), his passion for the environment leaves us no doubt about his title of Asia’s Green Warrior. With his holistic role with the World Economic Forum, he is actively involved in everything from public policies to persuasion strategies for corporations to pursue responsible practices in their businesses. Hailing from Malaysia, he is now involved in the Climate Reality Project, which was initiated by Al Gore, and as a climate-reality leader, he will be working to improve awareness as well as promoting action that will tackle climate change issues.

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