If you, like most residents of the city, get caught up daily in the busy life of Jakarta, you will surely have noticed the lack of refreshing and quality wellness centres in town—which is pretty unfortunate seeing as how important staying healthy actually is. For this reason, these amazing eight entrepreneurs have transformed the fitness culture of Jakarta.

RIDE Jakarta by Gita Sjahrir and Adhitya Lesmana


Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler Archive

Having spent most of her adult life in the US, Gita Sjahrir enjoyed her indoor cycling sessions in New York. Now that she’s back in the country, she’s bringing the experience to the city after training to be an instructor. Also founded by Adhitya Lesmana, RIDE Jakarta is Indonesia’s very first boutique indoor cycling studio and offers a music- and rhythm-inspired experience in which members can enjoy cardio workouts accompanied by uplifting beats. Being the first of its kind, RIDE is sure to gain plenty of attention from athletes and casual cyclists alike.

Breathe Studio by Nadia Saphira


Photo: Courtesy of Nadia Saphira

If you were around the early 2000s, you might remember the beautiful actress and model Nadia Saphira, who starred in the Ada Apa Dengan Cinta series. And even with being a lawyer keeping her busy, she also spared time for building amazing businesses such as Greenery, ID Beauty Clinic Indonesia, and a fitness centre with a relaxing and welcoming environment: Breathe Studio in Jakarta. With the goal of getting the best potential for its members rather than just breaking a sweat, it’s the perfect place if you’re a big fan of Pilates and are looking to get in shape.

Empire Fit Club by Elbert Tiwa

Based in Jakarta and Bali, Empire Fit Club was founded by former US Marine Elbert Tiwa, who saw the opportunity for bootcamps in the Indonesian market. Elbert, with his experience in the military, shaped Empire Fit Club with the goal in mind of transforming beginners into skillful athletes. The facility offers personal training, group sessions, and even express classes during lunch hours.

Sana Studio by Abimantra Pradhana and Laila Munaf

Starting out as the dream of a lovely family, Sana Studio aims to actively and continuously promote the importance of wellness and exercise. As the business has grown, Sana Studio in Jakarta has become one of the city’s most celebrated hubs for runners, cyclists, yoga enthusiasts, and casual exercisers. With around seven years of progress, it is completely beyond what founders Abimantra Pradhana, Yurika Widyarosa, Arka Narendra, and Laila Munaf ever hoped for.

Bengkel Strength & Conditioning by Scott Hanna

Seeing a huge amount of interest among the public for CrossFit—a training programme consisting of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing, and all sorts of exercise done at high speed and intensity—Scott Hanna built Bengkel Strength & Conditioning to help people get in shape according to their goals and capabilities. Although the gym no longer focuses on CrossFit, it still incorporates the values and spirit it has always shown its members.

Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Indonesia by Deddy Wigraha


If you dig the local Brazilian jiu-jitsu scene, then the name of Deddy Wigraha will be familiar. What you might not know is that after countless achievements and his study in the US, he decided to bring Alliance Jiu-Jitsu to Indonesia after many attempts to promote this ultimate martial art. With amazing techniques and professionalism, it is hands down the best place in town to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu and can be found in Elite Club Epicentrum, South Jakarta.

Hustle House by Celestia Soetoyo and Ricky Tanaga


Photo: Courtesy of Celestia Soetoyo

Looking for a training facility that offers complete convenience with nutritional supply and recovery? Hustle House has you covered. Founded by couple Celestia Soetoyo and Ricky Tanaga, Hustle House has become the city’s one-stop destination for fitness enthusiasts. Not only boasting jaw-dropping facilities, its recovery room is just as amazing and promises to leave you wondering why you haven’t tried this place before.

F45 Studio by Krisha Melwani and Idham Switriadji

Thanks to brilliant gym addicts Idham Switriadji and Krisha Melwani for bringing F45 to town—now you can elevate your exercise routine with the excitingly intense F45 technique (they recently opened a Pondok Indah branch). Mixing cardio and weightlifting accompanied with advanced technology, F45 Studio gives you a refreshing take on workouts to help you maximise your bodily functions and get the best results.

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