KASKUS has long been known as one of the pioneers of online community development and e-commerce in Indonesia. Andrew Darwis started the company some 17 years ago as both a university project and as a hobby, and at a cost of only US$ 7. Thanks to a strong and loyal nationwide user base, the business grew rapidly into the largest online community in the country.

Then, in 2011, KASKUS partnered with the Djarum Group’s tech incubator PT Global Digital Prima and started to broaden its business, creating a stronger base and building its own e-commerce business. Passion, determination and luck combined to make KASKUS an entity unto itself: it has its own language, dictionary and slang, all of which developed organically with the site.

But, says Andrew, “As one of the ‘pioneers’, there’s a huge responsibility to be innovative and stay relevant for all our users. Especially given that Kaskusers cover a wide range of demography and just like the digital industry, they are ever changing. KASKUS is honoured to have such loyal communities with very strong engagement. And they are our most valuable asset.”

As if to underline the importance of KASKUS in today’s connected Indonesian society, Andrew has just finished a movie entitled Sundul Gan: The Story of KASKUS

(Photo by Heri B Heryanto)

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