Chia Ying Hsieh

WHY HER? A passionate historian, Chia is a published author (albeit under the pseudonym Hsieh Jinyu) and the founder of, Taiwan’s largest educational online platform for history and literature. Lots of intellectual conversations to be had. WIN HER HEART: Take her to the opera. She’s a huge fan and never misses a performance.


Maxim Lin

WHY HIM? Don’t be fooled by the chiselled looks and boy band-worthy grin. The tenth-generation scion of the Wufeng Lin family is an art curator with business acumen to boot. He’s chairman of art auction house JSL. WIN HIS HEART: You’d better love the ocean—he once said he would like to propose to his future wife underwater or during a seaside candlelit dinner.


Danny Wen

WHY HIM? The suave globe-trotter is constantly on the move and has lived in seven countries. The co-founder of luxury travel and private jet chartering agency Le Mont Travel, Danny is an adrenaline junkie who loves mountaineering and skiing. PERKS: The world—at least the private jets that whisk you around it—at your fingertips. CAVEAT: A nomadic lifestyle.


Angela Shao

WHY HER? This University of British Columbia-graduate is no wallflower: the daughter of Xue You Shao, the founder of luxury homeware dealership Danese & Lealty (known for bringing Rolf Benz and Bang & Olufsen to Taiwan), she’s worked her way up to become CEO of the company. NATURAL HABITAT: Wine-tasting at the world’s top wineries, as she’s somewhat of an oenophile.

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