A happy Eid al-Fitr is all about harmony, reconciliation and togetherness in the family; moreover, a healthy and successful fasting during the month makes it all more meaningful. Since Ramadan is almost over and the big day is coming soon, we talk to our darling socialite, Ayu Rosan, to see how she fares in this year’s fasting period.

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How do you maintain a healthy and energising diet during fasting?

I don’t really keep a strict diet, especially when I’m invited to break-fasting events, and just reduce the carbohydrate intake. Fried and oily foods are the ones I take out of the menu; I choose to eat more proteins and have some sweet drinks for suhoor and iftar to keep the energy level up. Vitamins are also important, such as vitamin C and Omega-3.

What about daily exercises?

I usually do laps for two hours on the treadmill, but now only one hour during fasting month. Listening to your body and adjusting the intensity is the key—sometimes I do some more light exercises, although not necessarily on the treadmill, following a light iftar dinner.

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What have you learned from last year’s fasting experience to improve this year’s?

Getting even closer to the Almighty one is an important lesson I learned. How? By self-introspecting, being sincere in life, keep smiling and thinking positively. I read the Quran and pray more diligently now more than ever.

How do you celebrate Eid al-Fitr?

Each Eid al-Fitr gives me precious memories from gathering with the whole big family, although now only my mum and my father-in-law remain. However, we still keep their memory alive and serve many family favourite menus during the celebration, such as soto mie, sop kaki dudung, es podeng, and more!

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