We recently caught up with super-best friends Donna Latief and Margaret Vivi at Anigre at the Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City hotel. The ladies were there for a special dining segment to be featured in the December issue of Indonesia Tatler. As the ladies enjoyed a scrumptious fusion menu prepared especially for them, we rattled off some fun, quickfire questions to learn more about the two amazing ladies:

OGXL0603 - Copy.JPGDonna Latief and Margaret Vivi

How would you summarise your style in one word?

Margaret Vivi (MV): I think the word would have to be: casual. This outfit works for the office and also for dining out here at a luxurious restaurant. I love it.

Donna Latief (DL): I’m not quite sure. Maybe it’s...

MV: It’s elegant. She’s always so elegant, so feminine and classy.

DL: There we go, Margaret has answered for me. Elegant it is.


What is your spirit animal?

MV: I think it would have to be the dog. I have always had dogs throughout my life. I have such fond memories of my Rottweilers that I will cherish forever. Dogs are also fiercely loyal, as I am to my family and friends.

DL: I think it would have to be the leopard for me. It is truly a beautiful animal with such an elegant form. It is an inspirational fashion icon in its own right.


What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

MV: I cannot be left alone with pineapple tarts. I can, and will, finish whole boxes of them.

DL: For me it would have to be gorengan. I used eat really healthily and kept to a very strict diet—till I met this one.


What is your favourite cheese?

MV: Oh! I like that one with the creamy, gooey center. It’s even better when it’s on a platter with crackers and dried fruits.

DL: That one is so good! What is it called?

Editor: Brie?

MV + DL: Yes! That’s the one!


What is your favourite travel destination?

MV: Probably Mexico. I love so much about the country—the food, the sights and sounds, and the kindness of the people there.

DL: Wherever my family is at. Even though we do not travel overseas as much anymore, I am most content when I am with my family.

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