Still on the quiet side with few restaurants around the Senopati area, back in 2014 a pair of siblings and their closest friends saw an opening to tap the growing younger market. Following the Parisian lifestyle that Glenn Suryo had been living during four years of studying, together he, Nitya Anindita, Ajie Nugroho, and four other partners decided to open Branché Bistro.


Here, in the thoroughfare between offices and homes, stacks Branché’s contemporary layers of a lounge, a restaurant, and a tropical rooftop bar lined with shining skyscrapers once night falls—befitting its name, which means hip in the colloquial French. A lounge area centred round the bar and livened up by a giant chicken mural welcomes the crowd on the first floor. Up the metal staircase is where the dining area resides, complete with a private room tucked at the back, extending past the floor-to-ceiling windows to a semi-covered patio.

 “We’ve changed the décor a few times to remain in the trend, yet it is still very much us,” Ajie said. “Now, the combination of wood and metal is a transitional phase just as France was in when moving to the industrial era.” Sitting in the snug attic right under the crisscrossing industrial beams, nestled on an electric blue couch beside Glenn and his sister Nitya, Glenn revealed the secret behind the bistro’s staunch stay in the ever-changing Senopati scene.


“Keeping up with a high standard for our quality of ambience, food, drink, and service, is the key to our success,” he said. “We don’t want to just sell a nice place, but also a place where we value the customers with the highest quality.”

 Living up to this standard, and to the dish’s name that means tender fillet, is the signature filet mignon. Dark red is the tender heart and burnt brown is the seared outside, perfectly dripping with au jus sauce, a hefty Australian Angus medallion hitting all the right spots for a hearty meal. French food and techniques, however, could match well with other cuisines around the world as Branché has proven well, especially during special occasions—salmon pepes for Ramadan, for example.


All of these boil down to what success means for the team of restaurateurs as Nidya stated: “When guests go home feeling happy and satisfied with the food, the drinks, and the service, we feel happy also.” To this extent, the trio plans to focus more on the bistro until its feet stands strong before opening up another concept destination.

Happiness also comes sweetly at the end of any meal here through the cakes that Branché creatively whips to thick yet soft layers hugging heaping creams of mocha and nougat, vanilla, and apple or peanut butter. Options of panna cotta pudding, torched banana, choux pastry, and others also tempt diners to kick back after a leisurely meal to be paired with signature cocktails, mocktails, and coffee creations—to name a few among Branché’s long list of innovations.

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