Fashion, beauty and art have always been the biggest passions in life for Cindy Angelina Adranacus—better known as Cindy. In fashion, she now prioritises comfort in everything she wears. “My biggest tip is not to follow fashion trends blindly,” she laughs. “Personally, for my everyday office look, I usually choose a simple but chic crisp shirt, tuxedo pants and loafer combination.” Other than these, her must-have items include a black leather jacket, ripped jeans, black pointy pumps, and stylish sneakers.

Growing up, Cindy loved experimenting with her looks and make-up via beauty tutorials and by trying out the latest products. She used to play with her mum’s make-up since she was in kindergarten. And so it was that over the years, Cindy gained so much knowledge in the beauty industry that she became an expert in it. This led to her making the difficult decision to create her own cosmetics startup in 2016 after she graduated from Pepperdine University. Her partner in the business is her childhood BFF Kezia Toemion.

“Today, the technology is so much different than a few years ago,” says Cindy. “With current trends and the level of access to information, everything has become so much easier, which has opened up a whole new world of business opportunities.

“So it was only right that I rekindled my passion in beauty and fashion to build something significant,” she adds. “I noticed that Indonesia’s beauty industry is such a large market that there is ample room for new players. So, together with Kezia, we created a new cosmetics brand called ESQA, which is the first local brand to offer vegan cosmetics. Currently, our product line consists of seven shades of lip make-up and we are planning to introduce more.”

In an era in which everything is online, Cindy decided early on to restrict the sales of her company’s products to its web store—but it may not stay as an e-commerce business forever, she tells us. “After the online launch last July, the brand had positive feedback that went way beyond our expectations, so we are planning to expand and we are considering opening more distribution channels. We will keep you updated for sure!” she says.

Read more about Cindy Angelina passion for beauty, art, fashion, business and charity in Indonesia Tatler September 2016 edition.

(Text by Amadea Maya & Photo by Hakim Satriyo

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