Putri Soedarjo is the first daughter of Soetikno Soedarjo, co-founder of media giant MRA Group. A few years ago, Putri decided to join the family business, but in order to do so she left her job at a private equity firmand took a break from her franchise beauty business, Pink Parlour, which she built with friends.

That said, coming from a family that owns such a huge company, Putri has entrepreneurialism coursing through her elegant blood and she admits that she would never be able leave her own business entirely, even if she had to focus more on MRA.

Looking classy and chic just like her mother, fashion legend Dian Muljadi, Putri meets Indonesia Tatler at her office building in South Jakarta. She is now head of retail for two brands under the MRA umbrella, Bulgari and Bang & Olufsen.

“The family business is part of me and I am a part of it,” she says. “I’ve made it my job to take care of it. But I still want to grow the business that I developed with my partners,” she adds.  

As a new mother, Putri has to manage her time between work, her twin toddlers, Marquee and Landon Siahaan, and her husband Armando Siahaan. “Family always comes first,” she emphasises. “But work is also important: not just for me, but also for the family for so many reasons.

“The secret is to know that each role—being a wife, a mother and a professional woman—does not necessarily conflict with the others. In fact, they’re interconnected and actually support each other. Skills you learn from one role can be applied to another role and vice versa,” says Putri, who also manages to squeeze stress-busting runs into her schedule.

“Time management is crucial,” she adds. “Spending time with my twins before and after work becomes much more precious. During weekends, I’m all theirs, and to have a husband who understands that he has a partner who obviously enjoys working and to have him supporting me all the way is a blessing that I could never be thankful enough for,” she says.

“My husband and I are committed to one vacation per year—just the two of us—to a city we have preferably never been to before and to see what adventures unfold,” says Putri. “We believe that this will bring us closer together.

As for myself, I dedicate an hour a day to the treadmill to help me to relax my mind and recalibrate. I’m lucky that I enjoy running to keep fit and energised, and I actually plan to join a triathlon in the near future. This means that once in a while I can indulge in my favourite dessert: martabak,” she confesses.  

A collector of unique handbags, Putri’s finely tuned sense of style is mostly influenced by her mother. “In terms of fashion, I’m lucky to be the same size as my mum, so I can borrow her clothes and shoes whenever I’m running out of ideas on what to wear for special occasions,” she laughs.

Text by Amadea Maya; Photography by Donny Leonardi

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