By seeing at a glance the talents featured and decked stylishly in Balenciaga this month—Christian Soeseno Boenarso, Adinda Kuntadi, Jovita Widjaja, Ramadhania Bakrie, Vannya Istarinda, Arsyah Rasyid, and Maudy Ayunda—they may not have much in common other than overlapping circles Within Jakarta’s societies and at their workplaces. Christian is an entrepreneur with hands in many pies, and similarly are Arsyah, Jovita and Adinda with their own businesses. Ramadhania, Vannya and Maudy, on the other hand, are also busy with their works in the entertainment and fashion industries.

However, for the reasons mentioned above, and the fact that these are today’s brilliant faces of the young generation, Indonesia Tatler touches upon each talent’s personal and professional tales to find out the genius and the balance fuelling it all. Some share tricks of the trade on how to create a successful business, and give insights in finding creative ideas. Others tell about the tips on spending quality time with the family amid a busy schedule, and reveal their snippets of love stories, plus many other exclusive detail. Read on below to see how love truly lies behind the lives they lead.

This story appears in the February 2019 issue of Indonesia Tatler. For the full story, grab the copy at your nearest newsstand, or subscribe here.

[Photographer: Agus Santoso, Retoucher: Takajo Karina, Stylist: Zico Halim, Make-up: Chindra Tansil, Richard Theo, Ferry Fahrizal And Sissy, Hair: Kiefer Lippens, Wardrobe: Balanciaga]

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