Art collecting has a sort of ritual consumption with cultural benefits for the well-heeled society. Whether it’s an artistic piece or unique arts that are crafted by a well-known artist, the hunt for new art pieces is always on for these art connoisseurs.

Get to know these 9 Indonesian art collectors who are also the biggest names on the local art scenes.

Deddy Kusuma

Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

One of the most recognisable art collectors in the country is Deddy Kusuma. The architect graduate linked his college major with the reasons on why he loves the art, especially focussing on Indonesian and Chinese artists. In 2012, with the aim of promoting Indonesian art, Deddy organised, coordinated and, remarkably, financed a huge exhibition of Indonesian contemporary art at the Grand Palais in Paris, which featured more than 20 gifted Indonesian artists.

Caecil Papadimitriou

Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Caecil is the wife of the late Indonesia-based Greek art collector Alex Papadimitriou. Her late husband established The Papadimitriou collection, which Alex built based on his friendship with legendary Indonesian artists, such as Affandi, Kusnadi, and Solihin—every single piece of the collection is an original from the artists. Meanwhile, Caecil, who is also an art lover herself, continues her passion by serving as the member of the Art Stage Jakarta Board of Art Patrons.

Prasodjo Winarko

Photo Courtesy of  Indonesia Tatler

Inspired by his family’s background in supporting and collect art, Prasodjo is part of the Sampoerna family, which began collecting arts in 1993, especially paintings. His first collection was the painting that he bought from artist Nyoman Gunarsa. Now, this director in the properties and metal industry owns more than 700 paintings, which are mostly made up of Indonesian talented artists like Mangu Putra and Entang Wiharso, among others. With such a collection, Prasodjo is eager to build an art museum to showcase his numerous paintings and to host international art events.

 Melani Setiawan

Photo: @melanisetiawan

Even in her late 70s, age does not stop Melani Setiawan from being one of Indonesia’s leading art collectors. Melani is often regarded as a mother figure to young Indonesian artists based on Melani’s close relationship with them that can be seen in her collection. Besides collecting arts, Melani also contributed in the art scene with the launched of her photographic book that archives the development of the Indonesian art world for the last 40 years.


Photo Courtesy of Ciputra

Founder and Chairman of the successful Ciputra Group, Ciputra’s contribution to local artists has had a big and positive impact, which can be seen at the Art Market (Pasar Seni) located in Jaya Ancol. Moreover, Ciputra is also a philanthropist and pioneer symbol of a true “artpreneur” with an enormous painting collection from Indonesian modern master Hendra Gunawan. Ciputra also shared about the spirit of creative entrepreneurship in his book Ciputra's Way.

Wiyu Wahono

Photo Courtesy of Wiyu Wahono

Wiyu Wahono started his hobby in architecture before moving on to art. His interest in art started after he bought the first painting from Indonesia artist, Teguh Ostenrik back in 2000. Later, the intellectual Ph.D holder found a passion for contemporary art by the help of reading many books on the topics. Wiyu’s interest in art can also be seen in his office with art collection that ranges from painting, sculptors and others.

Haryanto Adikoesoemo

Photo Courtesy of PT. AKR

Any art connoisseur must have heard of the upcoming Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Museum MACAN). The man behind the establishment is Haryanto Adikoesoemo, the president of AKR Corporindo who has more than 800 modern and contemporary artworks from prominent artists, such as like Jeff Koons, Affandi and Gerhard Richter, among others. Most of his artworks hail from Indonesia while the rest are from the US and Western Europe.

Alexander Tedja

Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Alexander Tedja’s love affair with arts begins with collecting Chinese brush strokes painting that evolved into collecting oil paintings from China and Indonesia. Now, the founder and President Commissioner of Pakuwon Jati Group has an impressive 100 art pieces, which include the works of prominent local and international artists like Hendra Gunawan, Affandi, Jean Michel Othoniel and others. Some of his art collections can be found in the Gandaria City Mall and Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City, which he owns.

Rudy Akili

Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler 

One of Indonesia’s most eclectic art collectors, Rudy Akili started to collect artworks after the influence of his friends back in 1998. The first piece he bought was a modern artwork from Indonesian artist Djoko Pekik and his interest gradually shifted to collect more contemporary art (Chinese artist Yu Xiaofu first caught his attention).

Not only that, Rudy then expanded his love for art collecting with the establishment of Akili Museum of Art in 2006, where his mission was to provide a place to showcase pieces of Indonesian modern and contemporary arts for the public, as well as to become an access point for local and international artists. In the end, Rudy Akili wished that the Akili Museum can continue to house numerous of art collections and help in representing the development of contemporary art in Indonesia.


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