This February, we are putting the highlight on the love among friends between these fabulous five: Chiang Yu Lan, Patty Kaunang, Sabrina Joseph, Rachel Lakhiani and Richard Muljadi. Each of them reveals what it is about friendship that makes it meaningful and special, and what makes their dearest friends so important in their lives.

The four beautiful ladies were wearing their own private collection, adorned by Epa Jewel. Our Alpha male, Richard Muljadi was wearing Wong Hang Tailor and Deboneire. They were all styled by Gabriela Batti. The looks were beautifed by hair and make-up team from Debby Olivia and Arie Irawan Khayz. The picture perfect moments were all captured by photographer Iyan Xavier. 

Watch the video to capture the excitement of these five behind camera!

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