“You know, I’m quite a funny girl, or more like a funny woman,” Kelly Tandiono said followed by an earthy peal of laughter that instantly lifted everyone’s mood. “I don’t know why I never got chosen to play a part in a comedy; perhaps because my face is not comedic enough and is more suited for action movies?”

To those who have been keeping their eyes peeled to Indonesia’s silver screen, and even Asia’s, Tandiono and her gritty characters have been kicking up dust recently in HBO’s “Grisse” and the movie “Gundala”. However, the model’s acting chops have also been tested in dramas, such as the sports biopic “Susi Susanti: Love All” and period piece “This Earth of Mankind”.

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“I love action movies, but there are still a lot of different roles that I’d like to play,” she said, “I would like to take on romance or comedy for the next project, which will give me a nice challenge to delve into the character’s emotions.” Casting Tandiono in action roles seems natural due to her active lifestyle as a fitness lover who has a black belt in Taekwondo, and has finished over 30 triathlons and went up the podium numerous times. “I love to keep myself fit, focused and balanced, and sports motivates me throughout the day.”

Since Tandiono became part of a charity auction with the Maria Lukito Foundation, OPPO Find X2 Pro in Tea Orange and Jo Malone, the phone helps her stay on top of her activities from training to acting, modelling and growing her business. “I exercise with my gadget in tow, and having music on is a must,” she said. “Moreover, it comes with the Dolby Atmos feature that boosts the sound quality, and I feel pumped with all the beat.” A good start for her morning begins with some mat training for core and strength, or she’d cycle, run or play some golf. “Mat training is good to release stress and tensions in my muscles,” Tandiono said. “Another way to relax is with aromatherapies using happy scents the likes of citrus.”

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Staying connected with her family, friends, and fans is also her way to remain upbeat. A sweet and warm character with a dash of humour both to her closest ones and to her Instagram followers, Tandiono’s best qualities is akin to her favourite perfumer’s Orange Bitters scent. Using her ultra-wide phone camera, she often posts fun videos, including workout sessions such as the recent 20-day “Baby Shark” challenge. “I got more connected to my friends and fellow professionals, Nadia Hutagalung in Singapore and Cindy Bishop in Thailand, and we did Instagram Live sessions to talk about the fashion industry, and share our skills and thoughts around the pandemic,” she said. “Now that it has gotten ever more advanced, you could say that we work from our phones. I don’t even take photos with a standalone camera anymore.” 

Although the Covid-19 pandemic affects her works in the fashion and movie industries, she thinks out of the box and stays positive. “Since we stay mostly at home these days, keeping yourself active is important, like taking online classes.”

This story appears in the July 2020 issue of Indonesia Tatler. For the full story, grab the copy at your nearest newsstand, or subscribe here.

Photography by Vicky Tanzil as shot on OPPO Find X2 Pro| Styling by Allysha Nila| Make-up and hair by Talia Subandrio| Wardrobe by Hermès, Prada, Fendi, Dior, Valentino, Wiki Wu, Miu Miu and Sebastian Gunawan.