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It all started with a bad experience with service at a store, where there was no product knowledge and no respect given to the brand. Not only did Irwan Danny Mussry not end up buying from that store, he later went the extra mile to establish his own distribution, service centre, and, subsequently, a retail network to set the standard of retail services in stores much higher in the market.

From acquiring the rights to distribute Gucci and TAG Heuer watches during its beginning in the 1980s to the first The Time Place store in Plaza Senayan by the turn of the millennium, Time International is today an established group of fine watch retailers with its own after-sales service centres for brands under it: Time Care and Watch Care.

“I believe that consumers have the right to be given the best service, and I’ve had the experience of not getting the right service,” Irwan, Time International’s President and CEO, says. “From that point on, I decided to give only the best service; therefore, customers will be happier, and they will definitely come back.”

With happy customers on Time International’s side, the company survived the many crises and conditions that roiled through the country and the region. Through the financial crises of 1998 and 2008, for example, Time International grew stronger and bigger in other retail sections— Chanel started the company’s luxury fashion division in 2008.

“We believe that with Indonesia’s strong and growing domestic market, we can remain optimistic,” Irwan says. “Time International has seen good growth over the years in the luxury sector of our businesses, so we are positive about the future.”

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Furthermore, Irwan and his team also see the potential in exploring other cities in Indonesia that have good retail space for expansions, and, aside from Time International’s current businesses, they are now carefully growing the company into other economic verticals—all with the basis of consumer-facing technology.

“I always believe that any natural evolution of the retail industry should be embraced,” says Irwan. “There is room for both online and offline marketplaces to coexist harmoniously.” As such, the company has warmly welcomed the era of e-commerce and had launched a few sites for its lifestyle fashion businesses besides opening many new brick-and-mortar stores— numbering more than 10 already last year.

This story appears in the May 2019 issue of Indonesia Tatler. For the full story, grab the copy at your nearest newsstand, or subscribe here.

Photographer: Winston gomez, Styling: elco frebliaman, Make-up: chindra tansil, Retoucher: Edho-WG Creative agency