In the modern dining scene, unique and distinct restaurant concepts that offer delicious menus are one of the ways to attract new patrons. And without a doubt, successful F&B business owners should be able to blend ideas to make their venues stand out from the others, such as unique identities, food qualities and market needs.

As we have seen, Indonesia has had its own share of new and innovate eateries. But who are the innovators behind the scenes? Let’s look at 10 of the Most Successful F&B Owners in Indonesia that you need to know.

 Anton Wirjono

A graduate from Menlo College in California, Anton Wirjono started his career as a DJ who founded an event organiser company, Future10, in 1994. Later on, he invented Brightspot Market, where selected vendors are able to sell their products for four days at a given location.

Expanding from the success, Anton then continued by opening permanent store, The Goods Dept, which offers mostly curated local products ranging from fashion, electronics and food & beverage, such as The Goods Café and The Goods Diner

Christian Rijanto

Based on his preferences for coffee and music, it should come as no surprise that Christian Rijanto implement these elements in his properties under Ismaya Group, founded with Bram Hendrata and Brian Sutanto.

The group first launched Blowfish club, which propelled them as one of the key players in the F&B industry. They then continued the success by opening a slew of dining establishments across Asia, each with its unique theme and characteristics, and, of course, good music.

Not stopping there, Ismaya Group move beyond food and beverage outlets and into event promotion: Ismaya Live has held successfully events like Djakarta Warehouse Project and Katty Perry “California Dreams Tour 2012” in Jakarta, among others. And in 2017, Ismaya Live will be bringing in a slew of another big names in the music industry, such as Banks and Yellow Claw.

Jason Kurniawan and Adinda Kuntadi

If you’re looking for luxury dining in a swanky lounge and club, then head over to All In Entertainment’s properties. Managed by Jason Kurniawan  and Adinda Kuntadi, this F&B group gained popularity after it opened Fable Lounge & Dining and continued with Mirror Lounge & Club in Bali.

With the aim of satisfying more of their patrons’ demands, the group introduced new restaurants such as Odysseia and the latest hot eatery The Pallas, located in the SCBD area. 

Mikael Mirdad

Mikael Mirdad found success by mixing the drinking culture he adopted from his studies in Australia with Asian tastes. He then translated the theme into the first retail bar in town, Beer Garden, under Biko Group, which was founded by Mikael and two of his friends in 2012.

After earning accolades from customers, Biko Group then opened a collection of venues adapted to various target markets. The venues are Kopitiam Tan, Pao-pao, LOLA and FŪJIN, among others

Jennifer Karjadi

Jennifer Karjadi serves as one of the co-founders of the largest F&B group in the country, the Union Group. The businesswoman playe—and plays—an important role in the conception and management of the group since its inception in 2014 with co-founders including Michael Wijono, Winfred Hutabarat and Donny Basuki.

With their dedication to serve high-quality foods and beverages, Jennifer and the others marched on by opening nine other high-end restaurants, such as Cork & Screw, Loewy, Bistecca, and the newly launched Super Loco in Pacific Place.

Ronald Akili

Besides knowing how to come up with catchy names, Ronald Akili and Jason Gunawan also know how to run a successful F&B group under PTT Family. The duo started Potato Head restaurant in Jakarta and later expand it to Bali, Singapore and even Hong Kong—Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club is nothing if not legendary.

Elsewhere, being art collectors and design enthusiasts meant that Ronald Akili and Jason Gunawan could spread their wings into the hotels business. Their first hotel in Bali was called Katamama and incorporates all of Ronald and Jason’s passions, located right next to Potato Head Beach Club. 

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Felly Imransyah

Ranging from restaurants, nightlife to properties, Syah Establishments is helmed by the visionary Felly Imransyah. In 2014, Felly decided to unite his property and lifestyle businesses under one roof in 2014 by establishing Syah Establishment. Some of the group’s popular venues include: The Gunawarman and Lucy in the Sky.

Christoph Darjanto

Christoph Darjanto is a man of vision and passion. After successfully establishing the town’s most sophisticated and groovy lounge, Immigrant, he then ventured to open other venues based on his passion: mixing coffee. The finalist of the 2011 Indonesia Barista Competition has then opened Monolog, under Gastronomica Indonesia, and followed by his latest restaurant, House of Yuen.

Bogdan Vlase

His many years of experience in the F&B industry has let Bogdan Vlase run several prestigious eateries around town under the Klabo Group, which he owned with Klaus Alexander Woizik. The two first dived into the industry by opening Nip & Dram, the city’s first whisky bar, which garnered sterling success, and continued with other ventures, such as the upper scale Monty’s and Ivy Restaurant

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Yudha Budhisurya

The graduate of Ohio State University has been a long time key player in Indonesian F&B industry. Under the OPCO group, which he co-founded with his brother Reeza Budhisurya, owns a diverse series of F&B outlets, such as Domain, Portico, Koffie Warung Tinggi, Stark Beer in Bali, Urbanite Asia and Yellowfin. Elsewhere when he is not handling his F&B business, Yudha also serves as the Managing Director of Livescape Indonesia, which recently brought over the celebrated Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren. 

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