Luna Maya is a nature girl at heart, having grown up in the wilds of Bali. But her most recent ventures have been in the fashion industry.

Dressed in a plain white provide pre-wedding packages with an in t-shirt and light blue boyfriend jeans coupled with a pair of sneakers and an oversized tote bag, the glamorous luna maya breezes into the dressing room of the city’s kalijodo skate park like an absolute natural.

Currently tied up with the release of a new movie and a few business ventures—the latest being the inauguration of Rentlux Studio— Luna was born and raised on Bali and has fond memories of salt water washing in between her toes and wandering through luscious rice fields.

Aside from a love of nature, Luna also spent her time indulging in Disney movies and going to the cinema. Her favourite Disney classic is still Mary Poppins, a movie that left an indelible mark on her heart and which is the reason she is where she is today.

“It was Mary Poppins that gave a 7-year-old girl the dream and encouragement to be an actress. Ever since that day, I chose to dive into the entertainment industry and have not looked back since,” says Luna.

With growing up among many ambitious people, Luna too was always looking for other opportunities to turn her passions into reality. Two and a half years ago, she created Luna Habit—an online clothing website that best describes her panache and personal taste. With her casual yet chic sense of style, it
is no surprise that Luna is an avid Balenciaga fan. She admits to being fond of the brand’s collection and owning many of their casual and dressy pieces. Some of her notable favourites are the brand’s daily handbags and jackets. “Balenciaga bags are a must-have and the brand’s style is cool, funky and eclectic, which suits my personality extremely well,” Luna explains.

Her most recent business venture, Rentlux Studio, is a one-stop destination for women who want to look fashionable at affordable prices. Rentlux rents out a variety of local and international designer-wear for those who need out ts for special occasions. house stylist and photographer. At Rentlux, our clients are well-provided-for with top notch services to suit their needs,” she says.

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(Text by: Maina A. Harjani; Photographer: Hakim Satriyo; Stylist: Rahajeng Puspitasari; Make-up: Bubah Alfian; Hair: Erick (Salon by HouzCall); Location: Kalijodo Skate Park; Wardrobe: Balenciaga)

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