With a desire to always help make Indonesia a better place for its citizens in terms of its healthcare system, Mesty Ariotedjo is contributing in her own inimitable way as a pediatric resident of Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital – Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

“My parents insisted that I pursue my bachelor’s degree in Jakarta, so at the time I thought that the best choice for me would be to secure a spot at the University of Indonesia and to pursue medicine,” says Mesty, who is also a co-founder of WeCare.id, a healthcare crowd-funding platform. “After all, there is no better way to help people and to contribute to society.”  

As well as being able to take care of children, Mesty also believes that by specialising in pediatrics, she is also helping in educating parents to raise healthy, happy children for a better future.

Since the ratio between doctors and patients at many local hospitals is not ideal, Mesty spends plenty of sleepless nights at the hospital and working from home. And of course, all the hard work brings burdens and challenges, especially as a resident—Mesty tells us that her work schedule often takes up her family time and means she has to cancel important events. “We need a lot more healthcare providers as well as better facilities around the nation,” she says.

But despite the hectic work schedule, Mesty is actually a happy-go-lucky lady who believes that finding happiness within oneself is the key to accomplishing long-term contentment. She swears by the book The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama, which has successfully helped her to be a better, happier person in all areas of her life.

Read the full article of Mesty Ariotedjo in Indonesia Tatler November 2016 edition.

(Text by Maina A. Harjani; Photo by Hakim Satriyo; Stylist by Zhe Yamada; Make-Up by Emmanuel Ristyono; Hair by Sayang Gillespie; Wardrobe by Balenciaga; Location: Elephant Safari Park Lodge Bali) 

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