Hailing from Scotland, Colin Scott likens Chivas Regal Extra to a cake where aged malts go into the smooth icing and sherry casks are the cherries on top. Colin made his appearance in Jakarta on March 10 to launch the Chivas Regal Extra-a beautiful blend of rare whiskies placed in between the 12- and 18- year olds.

Made with exemplary blending techniques, Colin Scott is the mastermind behind the creations of the Chivas 18, Chivas 25 and the Chivas Extra.

How did you get into scotch?

I actually started my journey with Chivas Brothers as a training manager in 1973. I was then involved in the production side and became the package quality manager before helping out in spirit quality as well. With the help of a great sense of smell, I then joined the blending team and took over as Master Blender in 1989.

However, just recently, I was promoted to Custodian Master Blender, a position in which I overlook the blending team.

What’s at the heart of every Chivas Regal blend?

The heart of every Chivas Regal obviously comes from Strathisla, which is the oldest working distillery in the Scottish Highlands and arguably the most beautiful. It produces a very full-bodied, rich, fruity and grassy single malt that, when mixed with other Speysides, produces a richer flavour.

Tell us about the Chivas Regal Extra

Pour some in a glass and add about 50 per cent of water to it. By adding water, you are removing the “barrier” of alcohol and giving yourself the chance to taste the flavours behind it.

Moreover, with the Chivas Regal Extra, currently placed in between the 12- and 18-year-olds, drinking it with water brings out the aromas of ripened pears and melons, spiciness, cinnamon and nuttiness while still maintaining a degree of vibrancy. When you take a slice of cake, you get the smooth icing then the richness of the cherry: that’s the Chivas Regal Extra.

If you could only pick one particular scotch from the collection, which one would it be?

It would most definitely be the Chivas 18.

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